How To Host A Book Swap Party by Laura Churchhill Duke

I love to read. I will read just about anything. However, when I walk into a book store I often feel overwhelmed about what to buy. I’d rather someone just give me a good book to read. I am also a huge fan of flea market book sales for charity. I come home with arm loads of books to try (that the attendant has told me are good). I am also in a book club. Because of this, my shelves are full of books that I have finished but don’t want to … [Read more...]

Enjoy the Holiday Magic on Disney Junior this December

December brings so much magic to our homes.  The holidays are here and it is truly time to celebrate.  For kids it can be all consuming, and the magic that comes along with the holidays is something that I truly adore.  It is my favorite part.  Watching my childrens eyes glow with wonder and amazement as they admire the christmas lights, as they sing carols and perform in their school plays.  Christmas is truly my favorite time of year. Disney … [Read more...]

Welcoming November with Family Movies on Disney Junior

Have you noticed the chill in the air?  Yes, autumn is here and I am preparing for a cold winter.  I spend my evenings curled up under the blanket I am knitting for my little boy, adding a row or two each night as we sit together as a family watching television or chatting.  We are ready for winter.  The oil tank is full and with the sun setting so early in the day, this is the time of year when we once again are able to reconnect as a family and … [Read more...]

Not So Scary (But Super Fun) Halloween with Disney Junior

Have your little ones picked out their Halloween costumes yet? Little bats and goblins...pirates and princesses? With only one more week until Halloween the clock is ticking! Costumes & Candy A spy and a pirate are the costumes that I have to come up with...thankfully those are relatively simple to create. I'm not one for spending a fortune on Halloween costumes...something they'll likely only wear once. Instead I like to work with the … [Read more...]

Story – Free App From Disney

I am always looking for a fun way to feature the hundreds and hundreds of pictures I take with my phone...any given event that my children take part in will come complete with a full gig of pictures. I just can't help myself... My thoughts tend to be along the lines of, take a bunch and hope that one or two turn out to be print worthy. But, then I'm left with so many pictures still on my phone. I cannot delete them, it's an impossible act for … [Read more...]

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