On Sibling Rivalry… #StreamTeam

I thought I was being smart. With nearly five years between them they should really have nothing in common. Nothing to fight over. To be perfectly honest I thought that with such a huge gap between them, they would barely be aware the other exhisted. Except maybe at meal times. That, however, is not at all the way it turned 0ut.  From the moment they wake up to the moment I split them up to go to their own rooms at night... they bicker. … [Read more...]

7 Days until Fuller House! #StreamTeam

What ever happened to predictability? The milk man, the paper boy, and evening TV!  TV was a lot different then.  Way back when... when I was a kid.  Channels went from 2 to 13, one was in french, one was local TV and there was a TV guide station in there too.  Our options were limited to say the least. If we weren't going to be home to see a show, we had to program our VCR to record the show... and hope that the programming worked. I mean, who … [Read more...]

So Here Is What I Love About Netflix #StreamTeam {giveaway}

All the TV shows I loved as a kid are on there! I suppose 'oldies' is a relative term.  But being an 80's baby means I grew up with some fan-freekin-tastic TV shows.  Epic...no, Legendary shows that to this day still make me spit milk out-my nose laughing. Every evening around dinner time,  The Fresh Prince of Bel Air was on our screen...when I was younger than that, it was Diff'rent Strokes or The Facts of Life. "ya take the good - ya take … [Read more...]

The More We Learn Together #StreamTeam

I am outnumbered.  Three boys and one girl...just me and a house full of testosterone.   The thing about my boys is they're all very similar.  They are Know-It-Alls.  They fall asleep listening to documentaries.  They obsess over topics until they know them inside out and backwards...just ask my 4 year old how many moons Jupiter has ( 6 according to him) or the names of all the small parts of a Grandfather clock..he knows them all.  His brother … [Read more...]

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