How To Make: Easy Decorative Bulletin Board

  Skill Level:  Easy Time: Less Than One Hour Supplies:  Cork board/sheets, old picture fame you love (big), fabric you love, cardboard, glue (hot or really tacky glue) staples, scissors, utility knife, ruler. Instructions:   1.  Measure the opening in your frame, from the back side of the frame. You need the cardboard cut out to fit into the frame, as a picture or mat would. Measure and cut out your cardboard, make sure … [Read more...]

See what I just made!!!

I've been pondering the thought of putting together an online baby shop for some time now, and after a few interesting emails last week I decided that now was the time to do it! I'm going to be opening my own Silk Fair Customized Shop and call it Supreme Baby (to go along with the new site, The Supreme Baby Shower) I've only just started putting the shop together, and thinking of idea's of great baby items to design, create and list there as … [Read more...]

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