My Office Makeover – On a Budget

I always love a great challenge, and making over my office is going to be a big one.  See, funds are tights, and spending a fortune to make my office space happy isn't a priority.  So I am only allowing myself $100 plus tax ($115) to complete the space.  Thankfully, I really don't need any much as I would love some, it's not necessary to produce my end result. What I do need is an area rug.  The office space is small, 8' x 12'. … [Read more...]

How To Make A Hidden Recipe Board

A few weeks ago I wanted to make Banana Bread.  I had about 9 frozen bananas sitting in my freezer just waiting to be turned into our family favourite.  I went into the drawer to look for my mother-in-laws delicious recipe, and low and behold - it wasn't there... I went from drawer to drawer to drawer...hunting for the 3.5 X 5 index card that holds the secrets to our families Banana Bread.  I couldn't find it...anywhere.  I called my … [Read more...]

Let It Snow….

There are not too many of my kind around. You know, the kind that .... LOVE SNOW!!! That's right, I love snow! I love the cold weather and bundling up. I love how pristine everything looks with a fresh blanket of snow covering it. I love the big flakes that float down from the sky and I especially love the warm fuzzy holiday feeling the snow evokes around this time of year. But.... I know most of you dread the cold white stuff that is on it's … [Read more...]

Clothespin Wreath

Haven't you always wanted a clothespin wreath?? Clothespin Wreath?? I am sure that's what most of you are thinking. Well it is one of my trickier craft quests, but well worth it and far from impossible. The end product is very shabby chic and not only makes a great gift, but, I think, a great art piece as well. They look amazing hanging on the wall during the holidays displaying all your cards from family and friends!!! This was the first … [Read more...]

Spa In A Jar

Who doesn't love a trip to the spa? An hour or two of peace and quiet, a great foot rub or facial? Heaven. However... If you have a schedule like I do, spa trips are few and far between. Not to mention, they can be pricey. But we all deserve a little pampering once in awhile, right? That's why this fun gift is the perfect treat for the busy mom (dad, sister, aunt, teacher...) on your Christmas list this season. Easy, affordable and … [Read more...]

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