Old Dresser, New Dresser

So, we have this old dresser. I am sure you all have a piece of furniture like this. Travels well, never fails. From your bedroom, to your dorm room, to your apartment, to your house.... Maybe its a chair, a bookshelf or a desk. Ours is a dresser. It's only been "ours" since the apartment stage of our life, before that, it was my husbands. It has more than served its purpose in all of the roles it has filled; clothing storage, toy storage, craft … [Read more...]

DIY Tuesday!

I have to admit - I didn't DIY anything this past week...I have been way too busy.  But I have managed to get my house is some sort of order and I picked up a fantastic (and free) filing cabinet that I have a ton of DIY plans for!  So this week I'll share with you last weeks DIY project.   It was a simple bookcase, and I turned it into a fantastic "Drop Zone" for my kitchen entrance. You can read how I put this together in my recent … [Read more...]

Bookcase Makeover

I have been struggling with my entry way ever since we moved in.  This beautiful home is lacking in a few luxuries that I have become used to in the homes we've had before...mainly storage.  Our house does not feature a coat closet, linen closet, or pantry...and I've gotta tell you, not having a place to keep the coats, boots, shoes, mittens, hats, scarves is wearing thin on my nearves...and leaving my kitchen looking messy. Since remodeling a … [Read more...]

DIY – How To Turn A Picture Frame Into A Whiteboard

As you know I've been re-designing my home office, and on a very tight budget of $100.  I am thrilled to report that I still have a little more than $20 left in my budget and my room is already fantastic!  I have been doing wonders re-purposing and repainting to make this space mine!  I am going to do a total reveal of the space late next week, when it is hopefully complete, but I did want to share with you one of the projects that I did, that … [Read more...]

Office Makeover On A Budget: Part 2

Work has begun!  And my $100 budget is dwindling away...but not as quickly as I thought it would.  I'm really excited about this.  I am painting the room a very light purple...I know, you may be thinking "purple" but trust me, it is so light it's almost grey/white.   My office has great natural light, and I wanted a nice, relaxing, cool but light color in there.  And my mom picked it out. My accent color is going to be yellow, and my very nice … [Read more...]

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