Master Bedroom Makeover with ben & ME #DIYwithBen

Do you know what happens when both of your kids head off to school?  Time.  Time is what happens.  That is the gift I was given this past week. 35 hours a week my children are in school and I no longer have to spend my days chasing after (read picking up after) two boys.  Instead, the housework I do stays done.  Well, at least until 3pm.  To celebrate this life changing event, my husband and I decided it was time to create our own bedroom … [Read more...]

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Everyone is familiar with the 3 R's. Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle. I try to follow these rules, and teach them to my children at the same time.  My personal favorite of these rules is "Re-use". As the handyman of the house, I love nothing more than taking something that has lost its purpose, and finding it a new life.  This often takes place by deconstructing something that no longer works, is no longer needed, or just speaks to me (as happens … [Read more...]

Bedroom Makeover For My 9 Year Old

This weekend my son went to stay with his aunt, uncle and baby cousin a few hours away.  It is the longest that he has ever been away from home, his family and his own bed.  From the little that I've spoken with him since he left I've been able to find out that yes he was a little homesick at first, but that he was having a blast. But, since he's been gone now for 5 days (and nights) his dad and I decided it was time for a bedroom … [Read more...]

DIY Lego Movie T-Shirts

If there is one thing I can tell you for certain...finding Lego Movie stuff is near impossible. I cannot find a T-shirt instore, a poster, and barely even a Lego set. The Lego Movie stuff has been picked over, and there is just nothing left.  You would think that with the release of the DVD everyone would be well stocked up, but it my town that jut isn't the case.  So since I cannot find a t-shirt for my kids, we decided to make them! I picked … [Read more...]

Everything For Your Tool Loving Dad This Father’s Day at Home Depot {Giveaway}

Coming up with a Father's Day gift idea at my house is far from difficult.  Usually I happen upon a weekly Home Depot flyer opened to the page of my husbands latet tool must have.  The same usually happens around his birthday and Christmas...he likes to make gift giving easy for me.   If there isn't something I know he wants for sure... no hints...then I always default to a Home Depot gift card.  Since my husband loves to build things, I can … [Read more...]

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