Bookcase Makeover

I have been struggling with my entry way ever since we moved in.  This beautiful home is lacking in a few luxuries that I have become used to in the homes we've had before...mainly storage.  Our house does not feature a coat closet, linen closet, or pantry...and I've gotta tell you, not having a place to keep the coats, boots, shoes, mittens, hats, scarves is wearing thin on my nearves...and leaving my kitchen looking messy. Since remodeling a … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide – MilestonePrints { Coupon Code}

A new piece of artwork has found a home on my living room wall. This piece, well, I have to say I will cherish it forever. It is beautiful. It was a gift, an early Christmas present from Milestone Prints. A Canadian company that creates brilliant artwork that would make the perfect gift for so many occasions. A new baby arrives, or a family complete. A gift from grandchildren to loving grandparents. There are so many opportunities to add one of … [Read more...]


There are few companies out there that truly know Christmas.  Companies that provide us with products that help us let people know how special they are.  When we're at a loss for words, Hallmark is there to fill in the blanks.  Every year, at about this time, I steal a few minutes for myself and head out to my local Hallmark store.  I find myself getting lost in the treasures, imagining the smiles of my friends and family, when they open that … [Read more...]

Almost 34 weeks…

It's getting closer....I'm only 6 weeks and 2 days away from my due date. My belly is HUGE! I'm getting to the point where I just want baby to arrive. I can't sleep at night (natures way of preparing me I guess) I have heartburn like mad...I can't eat or drink anything acidic or I pay for it for hours. I'm constantly thirsty and that doesn't help with sleeping at all! I'm up at least 4 times per night now. But, things are coming along. My … [Read more...]

My Beautiful Christmas

That's it folks, Christmas is here! I have almost finished my shopping and most of my evenings are dedicated to Christmas Movies, Get-togethers or, if by chance my evening isn't claimed by family and friends, I stay up into the wee hours of the morning wrapping presents and stocking-stuffers while munching on chocolates and sipping on Egg Nog. How many hours have I spent decorating the house, putting up Christmas trees, Setting up the lights … [Read more...]

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