Vileda EasyWring Spin Mop & Bucket System (Coupon Offer Inside)

It was a wonderful weekend away. I had an amazing time. Then, late Sunday evening I arrived back to my house only to find out that my boys… my wonderful happy boys, had a whole lot of fun this weekend. And they left the proof in my main bathroom. GAH! There were clothes everywhere, it looked like the toothpaste had exploded and I really think they need to work on their aim, YUCK! Thankfully, Monday in my world is floor scrubbing day, and it … [Read more...]

Get Your Boston Pizza Kids Card Today!

I don’t cook on Mondays.  In my home we call it, no cook Monday!  Original, I know. But there is a reason behind it.  You see, I work the breakfast shift on Mondays, which means, I’m out the door before the coffee has been brewed or the kids have begun to stir. I’m at work before the sun begins to shine. On Mondays we order out for our dinner. But just because we’re splurging on take out, it doesn’t mean we’re going to break the bank. I am … [Read more...]

Update! Purchase an Old El Paso Dinner Kit & get a Coupon for a FREE Bag of Touch of Philadelphia Shredded Cheese

  Taco Tuesday is a meal my family enjoys more often then Tuesdays that roll around.  It's fast, it's delicious and EVERYBODY cleans their plate.  Barely a day goes by that someone doesn't ask for tacos for dinner. It's usually my oldest... and he's game for just about anything as long as it's stuffed inside a taco shell.  My picky eater even cheers on taco night, it's one dinner I know I won't hear complaints over. Right now, when … [Read more...]

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Every week I had to have them... those colorful pages called my name.  I would hitch a ride with my mom to the mall and spend my meagre allowance on the... those teeny bopper magazines.  I was addicted.  Reading the latest gossip about my favorite teen star, and cutting out all the posters so I could fall asleep staring at my latest crush.  I specifically remember  NKOTB and Kriss Kross... and that my posters ran three deep, and circled my entire … [Read more...]

Boston Pizza Kids Cards are Back! $5 Donation = 5 Kids Meals

Lets talk about a situation that many of us face. It's been a long day at work, or maybe you've been home cleaning your butt off since the kids went off to school. Either way, when you look at the clock and it's telling you that you may have forgotten about feeding your family, it is definitely a good day to eat out! Well this time I decided to let my 2 boys choose where we were going to eat. And by some strange act of what I can only assume was … [Read more...]

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