There’s Something Wrong With The World Today… And I Know What It Is

I was 5, maybe 6 the first time I walked to school all by myself.  I had missed the bus that stopped at the end of my road and wanted to make it to school that day...I also didn't want to get in trouble by my mother who had tried to get me to the bus stop on time.  So I walked.  Today, with my adult size legs, that same walk would take me about 10 minutes...I'm not sure how fast I was back then.  Honestly, I don't remember. That wasn't the … [Read more...]

Family Pictures

Our family has never had professional pictures.  You know, the really beautiful ones that you get when you hire a true photographer, and they have a fantastic eye.  This bothers me.  This bothers me a lot.  My youngest son is almost 3 and I think there may be one (ONE!!!) picture (from last winter) where all four of us are together... We only got that because there was another mom at the park with her kids, and she offered to take a picture of … [Read more...]

Potty Training?

It was that unmistakeable sound that turned my head.  That sound I know all too well.  The sound of a diaper-less toddler peeing on the floor.  Only, this time, it wasn't on my floor. 3 minutes earlier. As my toddler was trying to climb on me, wearing only a diaper...typical summer attire for a 2 year old, I noticed he was sporting a fabulous red heat/diaper rash where the elastic from his diaper meets his bum.  I pulled off the diaper, to … [Read more...]


OK, so last night, shortly before bedtime my 6.5 year old came running up to me..."Mom, where is my backpack??? There is a notice in there you have to see!"  First of all, his lack of knowledge of the whereabouts of his backpack doesn't surprise me...he's a scattered child...I tell him that he left it in the car... he throws on his boots and coat and flies out the door to get this notice that I just have to see.  I'm prepared for some sort of … [Read more...]

Family Day!

Monday February 20th Family Day is celebrated in a few of Canada's provinces.  Unfortunately, Nova Scotia does not embrace Family Day.  But that doesn't stop me from declaring a family day of my own.  We wont be celebrating on Monday though, since my boy still has to go to school, and we still have to go to work.  Instead, we celebrated family day on Saturday.  We try to do this once a month, anyway. When Ben has a day off school and DH and I are … [Read more...]

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