Have you ever felt like you're missing out on everything. That's what my summer has been like. First of all, I feel like I should apologize.  I've only shared three blog posts ALL SUMMER LONG.  This may be my worst track record for keeping up A Busy Mommy ever.  To my readers, I am very sorry. This summer has taken a tole on me.  I have never been as tired and anxiety ridden as I am right now. Don't get  me wrong, my life is great. … [Read more...]

Eight Pounds of Butter

That is what I equate it to. The weight I've lost, I mean. Eight pounds of butter = 8lbs of fat. On March 3rd I weighed myself.  It was the day after my birthday party, and I had just eaten a piece of this: It was beyond delicious...and was my birthday cake baked for my by my sister in law.  Seriously, I don't think I've ever had cake so delicious.  I should never ever have stepped on the scale. But I did. And it read … [Read more...]

Unwrap the Kinder Surprise to Win! {March 16th – 31st!}

Everone loves a great contest, and I am Egg-cited to share with you this fantastic new contest from Kinder Surprie! The Unwrap To Win Conest on Kinder's Facebook Page! How does $3000 to do something fun with your family sound?  I know...it sounds amazing, right!  It's a great start to planning a summer vacation, or a little something to put away towards a winter vacation next year.  $3000 to do something fun!  Oh the ideas! Well, right now … [Read more...]

Easter Made Easy at Walmart with Flipp!

In my list of top 10 favorite holidays, Easter comes in a quick second, right behind good ole Christmas.  We get to enjoy a bit of holiday magic known to us as Mr. Hoppity himself, the Easter Bunny as he leaves small spring inspired gifts (and chocolate) for our kids. Just like Santa, the Easter Bunny needs a bit of help when he's building those shopping lists.  Even a little help picking up things here and there.  I mean...there is still a lot … [Read more...]

Cleaning Toilets with Lysol® Click gel™ Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

It was a job I didn’t do well.  Too young to really be leaving home, but naive enough to think I was ready.  With a signed contract in hand, at just seventeen, I left the safety and security of Nova Scotia and headed off to Alberta.  My job?  Cleaning toilets.   And oh my goodness do I ever wish I was kidding. It was the last thing I should have signed up for.  Sure, it was honest work, but cleaning toilets in a tourist town in the middle of … [Read more...]

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