Philips AVENT Essentials Set Review

Breast feeding vs Bottle feeding baby is a highly debated topic. No matter how you choose to feed baby, it is a wonderful experience. I have both breast fed and bottle fed my babies, both offering their own unique experience. When it comes to finding the proper bottle for baby it becomes challenging. There are numerous styles, brands, and sizes on the market to choose from, and I have likely tried them all.  Recently, as part of the AVENTMom's … [Read more...]

Grocery List for a 4 year old

Tomorrow with my two youngest daughters, aged 4 and 3 months, we will hit the grocery store for our weekly groceries. Having experienced this in the past I know that my daughter will start out as an angel, she will be on her best behavior and I also know that it will last 15 minutes. Then something will over take her body and she will want this and that and this and that. She won't listen and will be running all over the place. It will all go … [Read more...]

Hair Bow Board

"The Hair Bow board", what a fantastic idea! This is something that every little girl needs if they have tons of hair bows that can never be found. With the bow board you can see all the hair bows and don't have to waste time looking for them. To make your own hair bow board what you will need is a canvas that has a wooden frame (you chose the size), material to cover the canvas, ribbon (again you choose the size and the number of ribbon … [Read more...]

Wool Dryer Balls

Searching through pinterest the other day I came across Wool Dryer Balls. The claim is that they will reduce drying time of clothes in the dryer thus saving money and you will not need to use fabric softener. The more dryer balls in your dryer the less time it should take to dry your clothes. I am all for more money in my pocket, so I thought I would give it a try. I bought yarn for under $5.00, used about an hour of my time and now I have eight … [Read more...]

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