I want a new camera!!

I want a new camera!!! I have great love for the camera I have now. Daddy on the go and I were very pregnant and we decided it was time to buy a camera. It was May 3, 2005. Ben's Due Date. We went from one store to another looking for the best deal on a digital camera. I remember the pain in my back and legs from going from store to store. We eventually settled on a Kodak EasyShare 3.2 mega pix. We bought it from Zellers. When we sat in the … [Read more...]

The day that never ends.

5am...yeah 5am was when the Boog decided it was time for our day to start. It is now 11:18 and I can barely keep my eyes open. It was a big day today. Boog got a new babysitter. His first in over a year. We've always worked our schedule so that we didn't need a sitter, but with myself putting in more hours at the Club we need a sitter. Luckily Daddy has a 14 year old cousin who is available from time to time, after school and weekends and the … [Read more...]

Jealous of a camera…and a chance for free coffee

I have to say, I am very new to blogging...But it's a lot of fun to read other blogs and see what happens in the lives of others. One of the blogs I've become addicted to is MommyKnows. I have to say I check this a few times a day. So, I was very excited when I got home from work and I checked the RSS feed and Yipee!! A new post, and a contest. Kim recently got a new camera and I have to say, she takes beautiful pictures. I love G's hair, it's … [Read more...]

Another Day In a Busy Mommy’s Life

Well, today was another one of those slow starting mornings. Because of the night before, the Boog's sleeping schedule is all messed up. So he didn't hit the hay until almost 1am. Then I spent another hour online, though I don't think I accomplished much. We got up around 8:30 am and I attacked the laundry monster. It's an ongoing battle, right now the monster is winning, but I should be able to get a good hit or two in tomorrow. I had probably 7 … [Read more...]

What is in a day?

Well, today was one of those days. Last night, or earily this morning (2am) Ben woke up. He had a bit of a stuffy nose and had a lot of trouble getting back to sleep. So we were up until 5am. Yeah, so I am a tired mommy today. We drug our bums out of bed at around 10:30am and started our day. I did a load of laundry, gave my boog (Ben) FruitLoops for breaky, and turned on the computer. I was hoping to receive the E-cards I had ordered from LUSH … [Read more...]

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