Fun Gifts For Girls

I have been blessed with a house full of testosterone.  I am the only girl in the house.  So from time to time I wander around the toy isles, as my boys are oogling their newest must have item, and browse the girl sections.  I have to say, I get a small twinge of the 'what if's ' every time I do this, but knowing just how full my hands are with the boys I have, makes that twinge go away very, very quickly. But, toys that are geared towards … [Read more...]


My grandmother loved doing laundry.  Tide and Downy ball in hand, she washed everything.  She did not leave until all was done, every single day.  Never did we go to bed without knowing that everything in the house was washed and ready for wear.  Never.  You could never find a pile of clothes to be put away, or ironed.  It was always done done done.   Laundry is my nemesis. At any given time I have laundry to do.  Never is it all done. … [Read more...]

Bed Time

Bed time has always been a struggle.  For me, it started when I was a kid.  I was the one who never wanted to go to bed.  Who would call for my mother constantly until she finally just didn't answer me anymore.  It's not that I was scared, or upset (or actually hungry or thirsty as I complained) but it was because I wasn't ready to go to bed.  I wasn't tired.  I couldn't turn my brain off. So when Ben was born and he wouldn't sleep, I thought … [Read more...]

Mr Poppers Penguins

If you are looking for a great movie title to hide under your tree this year, then look no longer.  Jim Carrey's Mr. Poppers Penguins was released on BlueRay and DVD this week!  One of my little ones favorite movies, this is sure bring laughs to some cold winter nights around here.  Hopefully to your family as well. And if you are looking for some fun activities to do with you little ones (maybe keep them busy during the winter vacation that … [Read more...]

Hallmark Holidays

When I walk by the store, all you can see is everything Christmas.  From the keepsake ornaments to the dancing snowman.  I love Hallmark, especially at Christmas.  Somehow they've taken all of the meaningful things and events that happen around the holidays and put that spirit into the gifts they carry. As a member of the Press Pause Panel, our family was lucky enough to receive a package with a veriety of the new Holiday items that Hallmark … [Read more...]

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