Kitchen Cool: Home Inspirations for Any Kitchen and Home

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If you’re looking for some kitchen/dining room design tips, look no further. Nowadays, you can get quality furniture and accessories from any number of sources, suitable for every budget and taste. Online furniture stores like are a great place to buy beautiful pieces with little to no effort. Here are a few helpful hints to start you off in the right direction when it comes to styling your home.

Kitchen Cool

The kitchen is often the focal point of many homes. In smaller homes especially, the kitchen sometimes double as a dining room. Even in larger homes, many families who have both a kitchen and a dining room still favour congregating around the less formal kitchen table for casual meals. If your kitchen needs some cool new design inspirations, you can follow some of these popular tricks to get the most out of your upgrade.

Playful Minimalism

No matter the size of your home, anybody can gain inspiration from a minimalist design style. Going for an all-white look has the added benefit of making smaller spaces appear larger. Given that many rental apartments generally come painted white anyway, those of you on a budget have the benefit of not having to redo your walls either!

While some people feel that minimalism can make your home feel stark and barebones, splashes of vibrant colour via accessories can add plenty of life to the place. Consider purchasing everything from your cups and plates to your appliances in fun, punchy colours to offset all that white from your walls, floors and furniture.  For instance, the Venmar Ispira 36” Island Range Hood comes in five different colours.

Tile Tips

Checkerboard tilework or subway tiles can add a lot of visual depth to any room. Even if you may not necessarily want to do your whole kitchen in checkerboard, a smaller area like your backsplash could still be redone in this style with little effort and cost. Peel-and-stick tiles make 21st century home décor that much easier.

Hang ‘Em High

If your kitchen is cramped for space, consider hanging items like pots and pans high up against your wall to save on cupboard space. It can also look pretty cool, kind of like those open-concept kitchens you see at many restaurants these days. Plus, it’s a pretty budget-friendly way to add storage to your kitchen, since buying new storage solutions aren’t necessarily easy on the wallet.

Island LifeIsland

Kitchen islands are amazing because they’re so versatile. You can get them in any price range, and in so many different styles. Small kitchens can benefit from very slim islands, which add dimension to your space. For those of you whose kitchens double as your dining room, you can even use your island as a table, in addition to it acting as extra counter space. The Highline 3-Piece kitchen island set in Greige is an awesome example of a kitchen island that comes with dining in mind. If you can, try to pick up an island that has storage space on both sides to maximize its functionality.

Dining Room Delights

 Dining rooms can be an intimidating place to decorate, but there’s no need to fear. You can make it as formal and elegant as you’d like, but you can also dress it down to be a fun and cozy gathering place in your home. Here are some little tips you can look to when designing your dining area.

Drop Anchor

If your dining space is rather large and open, consider creating a central point in the room with a large dining table and a chandelier acting as functional but eye-catching anchors. Country-style and modern-rustic homes often use this trick with large wooden farm tables. You can pick one up from an antique store, have it custom made, or order a newer rendition like the Lincoln dining table from any number of online furniture stores.

Twice the Tabletable

Another trick you can use for larger spaces is to have two tables in your dining room. You can have a standard rectangular table to use for company or as a buffet setting, and a smaller round one you can place near a window for more intimate gatherings. The Salia dining table would look great in any Scandinavian-inspired home; the combination of glass and wood works well for modern dining rooms.

Mix and Match

If your dining room needs a little something to add coziness to it, try playing with different fabrics and textile patterns. A fur throw placed haphazardly on the back of the coldest wrought-iron chair can add instant warmth to an otherwise formal setting. Worldly patterned fabrics can also add some fun and flair.

Just remember that if you have very powerful accessories and patterns, a muted backdrop is key to avoiding an overly busy design. You can upholster your chairs with some different patterned fabrics, or purchase interesting curtains to balance out neutral walls and furniture. You can even mix and match entire chairs, especially in a rustic-inspired home.

Décor Distress

One solution to reworking existing furniture and accessories is to go for a distressed look. You can strip down old paint, or repaint and sand down your furniture in order to get a relaxed country feel out of your dining room. This is a relatively budget-friendly operation, since you can purchase used furniture and sand it down, if it doesn’t already look distressed enough for you. You can also purchase brand new distressed furniture, such as the Gabriel Winback Bar Stool, which could go really well with a kitchen island if your kitchen doubles as your dining room.


There are a lot of different ways to make the most out of your home, whether you have spacious rooms or not. Now that you have some starting tips and pointers for designing your kitchen and dining room, the next thing you should do is check out a few online furniture stores and decorating blogs to see what styles you like best. Happy decorating!



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