Avoid Those #MarchBreakMeltdowns with Duracell

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March break is just around the corner.  In just a few days we’ll be waking up Monday morning and not rushing the kids out the door. Instead, they’ll be sleeping in and whining in unison…”I’m bored”.

Do you plan your kids March break?  Or are you a go with the flow kind of family.happy

Us… we’re a go with the flow family… but we do plan some of it out of necessity.  Since Corey and I still must work all week, flying by the seat of our pants just isn’t ideal.  So, we need to make sure child care is arranged for our youngest one.  William is only 7 and even though his older brother can keep himself out of trouble while we’re at work, he’s not quite ready to be the responsible babysitter his younger brother needs.

So, on our work days, William will be headed to March Break camp through our local village commission.  On our days, off (we’re not Monday to Friday) he will get to stay home with us, and  relax.

So, for those days when my kids are home with me, I hope to keep them busy.  Let me share with you my five tips to help give you the power to avoid #MarchBreakMeltdowns.

  1. Dig out some toys that they have forgotten about, clean them up and put new batteries in them. Sometimes getting an old toy is just as exciting as getting a new toy. Pick up some Duracell batteries to have on hand, they’ll likely come in handy. Duracell, your last line of defense in a world of toddler meltdowns #TrustIsPower
  2. Build a to-do chart with a tangible goal at the end. Learning good work ethic is important. Do they have an “I want” list?  Make one of those wants their reward for doing a few hours of hard work.
  3. Have a screen free day (I know, I know) Screen free is hard. I find it incredibly hard. But plan a day out of the house, away from those triggers that cause us to go back to a screen. Go skiing, or snowboarding. Hiking or even a walk. Go out to dinner, or cook all day with the kids.
  4. Give them a camera, and see what the world looks like through their eyes. Something like the Fujifilm Instax 300, can help them find their creative side.
  5. Pick up some new board games.  They great for family time! Try the new TROLLS OPERATION,  TOILET TROUBLE, or DESPICABLE ME 3 OPERATION currently available at Walmart.  They’re sure to help you make some fun memories this March Break.

Enter to Win!

This week we’ve collaborated with Duracell to bring you a fun contest!  In the comment section below, tell me your best “I’m Bored” deterrent that you’ll be employing this coming March Break.

Up for grabs is a $50 Walmart gift card and a selection of Duracell Batteries

Rules & Regulation:  This contest is open to residents of Canada who have reached the age of majority in their province.  Skill testing question is required. Odds of winning depend on the amount of entries received. Potential Winner will be selected at random and contacted via email. Potential winner will have 48 hours to respond to the winning email. Failure to respond to the email will result in a new winner being selected.  Contest closes March 16th, at 11:59pm EST, 2017.

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  1. Francine says:

    Whenever I complained that I was bored, my mother would tell me to go bang my head against a wall. I’d quickly find something less painful to occupy my time!

  2. Make plans with another family so you have teammates. Things are easier with multiple adults.

  3. Lynda Cook says:

    Everytime I said I was bored, I got told to go play a “boardgame” get it!! used to make me so mad, but through March break they usually have fun things going on at the Aud and it’s a great time to travel and just get out and do something with the family!

  4. Stephanie Phelps says:

    My best tip #MarchBreakMeltdowns is to have crayons or finger paints on hand and lots of arts and crafts supplies!

  5. Florence Cochrane says:

    My best tip is to plan ahead to include outings and games nights. Get the kids involved in preparing a meal. #MarchBreakMeltdowns

  6. We’ve planned some afternoons with friends ahead of time…

  7. My #MarchBreakMeltdowns tip is plan ahead. Makes plans for outings with friends and family. And have a few back up options for when things don’t go as planned, like weather.

  8. wendy hutton says:

    I have always planned ahead what we would be doing on March break, there are so many events going on locally at very cheap prices, the kids love to be outdoors either skating, skiing, or toboganning. We even hit the theatre on their cheap matinee days and if the weather is too cold plan a movie day/night in

  9. ivy pluchinsky says:

    My best #MarchBreakMeltdowns is to plan activities for the week like arts and crafts, movie day, build a fort, play with toys, schedule some play dates with other kids!

  10. heidi c. says:

    Try to organize a daily indoor activity as well as an outdoor activity so that you can change up the week and have maximal fun!

  11. SweetPanda says:

    My #MarchBreakMeltdowns tip is check local retailer and see what March Break activities available close to you. A lot of them are free of charge like Home Depot, Indigo so that kids will have fun and I don’t have to think of a lot of activities. If rainy days, I have prepared lots of craft supplies at home so that they can play.

  12. Check out your local library for all the FREE march break programs and if all else fails, rent FREE movies.

  13. Getting outside every day works best for us. Whether we go to the park, head out on an excursion or just play in the yard, we all feel better after getting out.

  14. My #MarchBreakMeltdowns tip is to plan ahead and have backup plans/activities ready in case of things like unpredictable weather, etc. having treats/prizes handy wouldn’t hurt either)!

  15. Go swimming. It is a nice activity to get your mind off of the #MarchBreakMeltdowns

  16. Have a bunch of boxes of different sizes, let the kids color them up and then build a castle or a fort. This will keep the kiddos busy for hours. Also give them some blankets to put inside their fort.
    Thanks @Abusymommy.com

  17. My tip is to plan an activity that the kids love but don’t get to do often, like baking. I find that it keeps the kids busy and excited, because they helped in the kitchen and they get to eat it afterwards! PS. I absolutely love the camera idea!

  18. Juliee Fitze says:

    I have lots of crafts for them to work on and movies for when it’s quiet time.

  19. Taking my kids swimming and to the library helps!

  20. My tip is to take advantage of free community events like swimming or skating that is offered during the March Break. It will get you and your kids out of the house.

  21. My best #MarchBreakMeltdowns tip is to keep the kids busy, plan lots of activities.

  22. My best #MarchBreakMeltdowns tip is to keep busy, but ensure everyone gets enough rest.

  23. Dawn gordon says:

    My best tip

    Plan day trips if you can

    Affordable ones exist like the library or a swim at the Y is decent priced

    I do one cheap movies on march break, one good long swim, and one day trip out

    In between it’s crafts and movies at home

  24. Sunshine G says:

    My Best #MarchBreakMeltdowns tip is to bulk buy craft supplies and a shower curtain to throw down on the floor and then just let them make messes!

  25. Karla Sceviour says:

    Make a list of fun family activities to do,pick out some fin Netflix shows to watch,and always have lots of snacks on hand. #MarchBreakMeltdowns

  26. Try and keep busy with planned activities

  27. My #MarchBreakMeltdowns tip is to stock up on popcorn because a good movie (with snacks) will always keep the kids entertained, especially with Netflix and on demand services, you can be sure to find a new movie for them to watch. You can also buy different mix-ins for the kids to create their own popcorn mix!

  28. sabina Edwards says:

    what do you mean by screen free? if you mean no tv, we did no tv from about grade 4 until the kids moved out. Both kids had excellent school marks. We still had dvds, we just didnt do tv, instead we did computers (as well as other weird hobbies that kids tend to not have) My son and husband were part of the flying club in the city (in the winter months the club rented the golf dome once a week) We went to the fish auctions in the city (we had a few aquariums. One year we built an astronomy shed, complete with a sliding off roof (Last yr we built a flower trellis next to it lol) My daughter took sewing classes in the city , my son learned how to put and build his own computer (which he now appreciates how to do as he just bought $500 worth of stuff off of ncix)

    OH AND gardening….we had quite a lot of fun doing that in the summer time and RIGHT NOW is the time to start your seeds in doors

    • sabina Edwards says:

      p.s p.s. we dont get a march break here, we just had 10 days off for winter break in Feb, we get an Easter break again for another 10 days

  29. Make plans ahead of time and get the kids involve in the planning.

  30. Have some fun plans , even with out a big budget usually you can find free or cheap activities like swimming or skating , also things like make your own pizza night , games , card house building competitions ! Always something if you just think about it !

  31. Shirley S says:

    My #MarchBreakMeltdowns tip is to plan some creative activities like arts and crafts.

  32. lori butler says:

    nature walks and taking day trips to local towns and being a tourist

  33. I make sure I have healthy snacks for them. sugary snacks often lead to melt downs faster

  34. I try to take them out every second day that way they don’t get bored. Sometimes swimming at the local pool, that tires them out.

  35. Stephanie says:

    Plan lots of activities ahead of time or arrange a play date with a friend so they don’t get bored.

  36. Danielle says:

    Have lots of activities planned and make sure the kids get plenty of sleep

  37. My #MarchBreakMeltdowns tip is to do as much outdoor activities as possible.

  38. My best #MarchBreakMeltdowns tip is to take the kids outdoors a lot so they can run around.

  39. Krista M says:

    My #MarchBreakMeltdowns tip is to balance the types of activities during March break. Plan to have a mix of friends/family visits, athletic outings like skating, swimming etc, academic outings like a science centre or zoo, & at-home down-time like Netflix, reading, crafts.

  40. Plan a different activity to do throughout the week with the kids.

  41. The mall near my place has a whole weeks of events for kids during march break, so we have no issues.

  42. Hi Jen
    not sure what I am doing wrong, but it will not let me comment on the other pages to get the extra entries. Can you help

  43. Melinda Jana says:

    try geocaching, it gets them outdoors and using their minds to solve riddles/puzzles

  44. i always make sure to attend the free events happening in the city

  45. Anu Chopra says:

    #MarchBreakMeltdowns I am keeping the kids busy this March break by taking them to the library, watching movies at home via Netflix, baking with them at home and some crafts as well!

  46. Tara Betterley says:

    I try to keep them busy. I also don’t give in to their meltdowns.

  47. try to keep a routine so kids know what to expect #MarchBreakMeltdowns

  48. travelbuds says:

    I send my kids to their gramma’s house which is out in the country on 5 acres of land. They get a mini vacation and they are outside with gramma all day.

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