She Time with Garnier Whole Blends

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Disclaimer: Although this post has been generously sponsored by Garnier Whole Blends, the opinions and language are my own.
Hi, my name is Jen and I am a mom. I am a mom who is smack dab in the middle of raising her kids, both boys. I work a lot, clean my house a lot more, and I spend even more time in the kitchen, cooking for the boys. Finding a few minutes just for me is nearly impossible, let alone finding the time to primp myself! I have let it fall by the wayside over the past few years. Messy hair – don’t care. Yeah, that has been me for a while now. And while most moms were making resolutions to eat healthier or not yell at their kids a lot, (ha!) My resolution this year was not leave my house unkempt.

Yes folks I am forcing myself to make the kids empty the dishwasher, and am making more time for me.  Personal upkeep of the brows, the lips and the hair is necessary. And boy I have a lot of hair.

Now, I’m not a girl who washes her hair daily… I am more like every three days or twice a week. Here is my routine.

Garnier 1

Day 1 – Wash with Garnier Whole Blends Moroccan Argan & Camellia Oils Shampoo and Conditioner. Take the time to enjoy it.  The hot water of the shower mixing with the scents of the blend…I just let it envelop me.  When I finally pull myself away from the shower, I towel dry my hair, then treat with the Moroccan Argan & Camellia Oil treatment.  Then I blow dry & flat iron or curl.

Day 2 – Day 2 hair is always better than day 1 hair.  Love it!

Day 3 – Up in a ponytail or bun.  Put a dab of the Oil treatment in the palm of your hand and starting at the ends of your hair, work your way up.  By day three there should be no need for oil at the scalp, but the ends could use the love.

Then the routine starts all over again.


Do you know what’s fun?  When I go out on the town (err… to work) with my hair styled to the nine… the looks, the head turns.  I’m not going to lie, it’s the kind of attention I don’t mind accepting, from a distance.

garnier 2

So, have you tried Garnier Whole Blends before?

Well, let me tell you a little bit about it.  Garnier Whole Blends are paraben free and contain natural extracts.  They’re not a wash-rinse-repeat style product, but a full sensory experience.  The scent is energizing, and the lush, soft hair left behind, well, I just want to run my hands through it continuously!

Each different blend brings a unique action, they heal damaged hair and protect it from future abuse. To learn more about Garnier Whole Blends, be sure to visit

This new blend is probably my favorite, though I haven’t yet tried the NEW Legendary Olive blend. I’ll be using my coupon to try that one out next!  Be sure to grab your coupon while you can!

Twitter Party Alert!

garnier 3

Be sure to mark your calendar on February 16th , 7 pm EST there will be a Twitter Party featuring Garnier Whole Blends! You’ll want to be following @garniercan on Twitter, and following the #WholeBlends and #NewWholeBlends hashtags.

For more info and all the rules on the Twitter party, please visit


And don’t forget!  Love your hair!

garnier 4

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  1. Monique L.S. says:

    I have been using the honey one. My hair feels so soft after using it a few times. Love the new line and look forward to trying the other varieties.

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