Winter is Coming and The Weather Network’s Forecast is Here.

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It’s a routine.

I wake up to the alarm on my phone at 6:30am.  I check my messages, did the school text?  Is it a snow day?  Then I make my way over to The Weather Network app.  What are the temps today?  Warm, cold, bitter?  How will I plan the day’s cloths for the kids, and for me?  I crawl out of bed… Coffee.

winterJust a week ago, the trees were still wearing at least half of their leaves, then when I woke this morning, I noticed that they’re nearly bare.  The mornings are getting colder, and there have even been a few mornings where Jack Frost has painted our car windows.

It’s time to get the winter gear ready for the kids.  My kids don’t leave the house in the winter without heavy coats, snow pants and boots.  Hats and mittens too!  When my kids get off the school bus each day, all of their gear is usually stuffed in their back packs, and not keeping them warm. As for me, I love the winter, but hate the cold. Gloves and a big blanket scarf for me… oh! And heated seats.

All of these things will most definitely come in handy this winter, because according to The Weather Network’s Winter Forecast (which just launched today!), we’re in for a cold one. Return to the classic Canadian winter, they’re saying. I have been anticipating just exactly what kind of winter we are going to have here in Nova Scotia.  For us, we seem to go from one extreme to the next.  Last winter was easy. Very little snow, mild temperatures… but the winter before was crazy!  Every single Wednesday we had a storm and a snow day!  Just check out my driveway…I am certain this must have been one of the many snow days.

We all knew it was coming.  Winter that is.  It’s been a warm ride since spring arrived, but seasons change, and this one is going to turn cold in a hurry.  At least, that is my expectation.

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  1. Ugh! We just got out first snowfall here today! It’s pure madness with accidents galore (and honestly not that much snow – I can still see grass)… Even though you KNOW it’s coming, you never are really ready for it.


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