Take Advantage of the Helpers – Classico’s New Bolognese Sauce #WhatsCooking

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We thrive on it don’t we?

We work hard, leave little time for play, and have ourselves scheduled to the max.  This whole business of adulting is hard, especially when we are resonsible for keeping our kids healthy and happy too. It didn’t take me long in my role of chief mom to learn that I needed help.  And  that I needed to take advantage of the helper products that are out there.

For years, a favorite helper of mine was Classico pasta sauces.  It was the base for my mother’s lasagna recipe and was the only kind of sauce I would buy.  Over the years I have played with a lot of different recipes, but I always go back to my tried and true.

Recently I was given the opportunity to try out two NEW Classico pasta sauce recipes. Bolognese and Spicy Tomato and Parmesan.


Picture it.

A busy day.

Dinner was something that had to be on the table on time, eaten quickly… with no time for errors.  We had evening appointments and a schedule to keep. No time for dilly dallying. With two growing boys… dinner had to have sustinance as well.  It was the perfect night for a pasta dinner.

I like easy.

And as I mentioned before, I like helpers. So while at the market I picked up a package of premade cannelloni stuffed with spinach and ricotta cheese. All I had to do was open the pasta and place in an oven safe pan.  Open the Classico Bolognese and pour over top.  Place in the oven for 30 minutes.  Remove from the oven and top with your favorite Kraft Cheese (we prefer old cheddar). Serve, devour and run out the door to your next appointment.



This was delish.  Really. For such a simple recipe it satisfied the foodie in me. Who would have thought that a dinner could be so easy and stil be yummy at the same time.  Next up, I’ll be trying the Spicy Tomato Chicken Parmesan recipe that I found last night.  What recipe would you like to try?  Find more on the CLASSICO recipes page over on Kraft Canada!

Disclosure:  All opinions are my own.  I am a part of the Kraft What’s Cooking Blogger program.  From time to time I receive special perks and compensation to help facilitate my posts.  

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