The Kids Go Back To School… I Go Back To Netflix #StreamTeam

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It’s been 10 very long weeks. Sure, we’ve played outside, made some memories, had some laughs… but now, I get to go back to my every day routine of housework and Netflix while they’re at school.  I have a LONG list of shows I just cannot wait to watch… and rewatch.

I finished Star Trek Voyager earlier this year, and have been wanting to watch Star Trek Enterprise… Full Disclosure – I didn’t watch Enterprise when it aired on TV – so this one is all new to me!  I know I know – I am a BAD Trekkie! But hey… at that time watching TV was the last thing I had time for.

Along with Enterprise and DS9, I’ll be watching Downton Abbey again (and again and again… and again) that is one show that I just cannot get enough of! Any maybe, just maybe, I’ll get to catch up on Orange in the New Black.  That’s one I can only watch when the kids are not around…downton


While the kids are at school filling their minds with facts and fictions, I will be at home enjoying the quite – and the control.  No video games to tune out.. no need to up the volume so I can hear Captain Archer’s next order, or Lady Mary’s quip against her sister.  No “mom, I need a snack!” or “Mom, he just hit me!” Or “Mom, mom, mom, mom… ” Hey, you know what I’m saying…

Do you have a list of shows that you may finally get to enjoy with a glass of wine before noon?

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