The Back To School Blues

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Trust me, it’s not about the 6 hours of free time I’ll magically get back that has me singing the back-to-school blues.  Not even close.  Instead, it’s the dent on my bank account.  School fees, new clothes, new gear all lumped into one single month… and enough to deck out two stylish boys. The game just got even pricier now that my eleven year old now wears mens’ clothes.  You read that right, my son and my hubby can share shirts now. I’m not so sure what to think about this yet…

Getting ready for back to school is expensive, but we do what we can to make sure our kids go to school dressed for success. And I am prepared to spend just a little bit more for quality. Clothes that will last, or that I can re-sell once they’ve been outgrown. My boys are weeds, they’ll outgrow them faster than you can blink.

Sears Canada Back-to-School Infographic

Quality doesn’t always with a hefty price tag. This back to school season our family will be visiting Sears Canada.  They have affordable stylish outfits (shoes included!) for $65 and under! THAT makes my wallet smile, and allows me (and so many other parents) to breath a bit easier as we come into one of the most expensive times of the year.

So, tomorrow we’re heading to Sears so that each of my boys can pick out an outfit that they love.

I am a believer in mantra, dress for success. So aside from buying new clothes, I will be sorting through everything they already own, and putting together stylish outfits for each of them.  Snap a picture and print it out, and hang it on their closets.  Then when it’s time for them to get dressed (or set out their clothes the night before) they’ll have an idea of what to grab.  Note, they’ll only get a couple pictures… and this is where I stop.  My boys are old enough to dress themselves.

Don’t forget to head to or check out in-store for the best deals on back to school!

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  1. sabina Edwards says:

    For us the back to school fees killed it and they are due on day one, so all of a sudden you need a couple of hundred bucks, and thats just school, not any sports related fees. We’re a minimum wage earning family so we did take advantage of Kidsport and any other program that helped us out (the school itself had some as well) I never spent that type of money on kids clothes, they didn’t get designer stuff, but did have a better quality shoe, because feet are important lol. With my son’s job now, there’s no way he’d be wearing anything brand name, and although he now makes more money then I do LOL, he still has more interesting in buying electronics, then in being a stunning fashion plate. My daughter who is now 20 LOVES finding a bargain and has lived frugally because of her schooling (she literally still have Student loan money left after two years because of all the refunds she would get every month from her school for her top marks…we figured it out and she got more money back then she actually paid for tuition and books…) We also found that in elementary school, that some of the stuff on the list NEVER was actually used. Mostly they used pencils, paper and pens, binders they reused but the most important thing we found was the backpack and if you purchase the ones at the university they literally stand the test of time (mine was from 1985 and it finally busted a hole in it)

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