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Have you ever felt like you’re missing out on everything.

That’s what my summer has been like.

First of all, I feel like I should apologize.  I’ve only shared three blog posts ALL SUMMER LONG.  This may be my worst track record for keeping up A Busy Mommy ever.  To my readers, I am very sorry. This summer has taken a tole on me.  I have never been as tired and anxiety ridden as I am right now.

Don’t get  me wrong, my life is great.  Just, different.

Ever since Ben was born, I’ve only worked part time out of the home, and full time in the home.  Blogging has been my career for many years. Last year there was a significant down turn in paying jobs for me (small fish – big ocean) and I began working more out of the home. That, coupled with launching my Tupperware business has caused me to lose the ability to juggle everything. And A Busy Mommy has suffered.  I promise, I’m not gone, just learning how to juggle again.

My current out of the home job is in a small diner in Kentville. I am a cook…and I like to think I’m pretty good at what I do. I enjoy it more than waitressing, which is what I have done forever. We’re not allowed to be on our phones at work (I totally get it – but that doesn’t mean I like it) and I struggle with being disconnected from the interwebs.  I’m getting used to it, but again, I’m learning how to be online only part time.

Tupperware is my baby.  It has serious potential and my team is amazing.  Me and Tupperware – well, we’re going places.  And, like blogging many years ago, it’s a new and exciting adventure and I cannot wait to see where we end up with it.

But now, back to why I titled this post Missing.

Do you ever feel left out?

That’s what I feel like when I go to work and other people are having fun.  I know – suck it up buttercup – but I”m used to having the freedom to do as I want…when I want. (As long as it’s free – cause ya gotta work to pay for shit.) I think this is what’s really setting my anxiety into high gear… I feel like I’m missing out on all the fun we could be having.

My kids had a very laid back summer. With ample screen time and very few adventures. (Insert mom guilt here). Corey and I did nothing… zilch… nada.   (Insert wife guilt here).  But he got a huge promotion and we both worked our tails off.. and earned money, and are building a future… So, at least there’s that, right?

I just feel like I’ve wasted these past few months. We should have been making memories… instead we were working.

Alright, I’ve put my negative nelly business out there now… I can start tomorrow with a clean slate.



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  1. sabina Edwards says:

    I’m used to a job that requires full attention. No one at work can bring their phones onto the floor (you’d get fired as its a hazard) The boss can’t bring his, etc and I actually only got a phone about 1.5 years ago, basically when my kid moved away from home and I actually now needed one for traveling to the city (esp after I locked the truck keys in the vehicle and only had use of a payphone)

  2. nicolthepickle says:

    We can do everything, we just can’t do it all at once.

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