Coming of Age in the 90’s #StarTrek #StreamTeam

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I looked up to her, Catherine Janeway.  I was 15 when we first met.  I was a girl spinning in a world of teenage hormones. I was angry, hyper, always going somewhere and in dire need of direction.  My boyfriend through my early teens actually had a lot to do with helping me become nerdy girl I am.  And in 1995, when Star Trek Voyager first aired, I remember that I made a point to sit down and watch it…THIS was going to be MY SHOW. And was it ever.

I loved it.  Some hated it, but me… I loved seeing a woman in command of a star ship.  I often wished that we actually existed in a time similar to that which the Story of Star Trek takes place.  An Earth that has found peace, a time where money truly isn’t everything and poverty has been left behind.  Honestly, every single Star Trek series, movie or show has helped me to become the open minded person that I am. One who truly believes that we are all equal. No matter our color, shape, size, race, religion or species…  or what planet we come from.


We all know that Netflix has changed the way we watch TV.  No longer do we get up for snacks during commercials, instead we just hit pause… or if you’re like me… you put Netflix on your phone – and carry it with you as you’re completing household tasks…  Captain Janeway helps we cook dinner each night, fold laundry, clean bedrooms…. the only place I’m not allowed to take her is to my ‘real job’… where we have a no phones policy… (as me how often I break the rules though…)

How do YOU watch Netflix?


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