Canada Has Fantastic Talent #StreamTeam

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And it’s all over Netflix! 

I know we don’t see that much of it anymore. Those Canadian shows we all grew up with… there were no huge budgets, but the stories were REAL.  They were a reflection of what life was like for us – going to high school, or living far north.  I don’t see those same true home style shows anymore.  As we’ve all jumped on the reality TV bandwagon.  But <– has some fabulous oh so Canadian shows just for us.

For the ‘tweens in the house (or the ‘tweens still in all of us) take a few hours and bindge watch Degrassi.  The problems they face are far different than we did… times have changed a lot – but with each problem comes a solution, and our kids TRULY need to know that these school time problems DO HAVE SOLUTIONS.  Sit down with your kids and watch it – talk about it.  Degrassi helped me when I was young… did it help you?


Both of my kids learned to read very young.  My oldest son was just a little over 2, and my youngest just a bit  more than 3.  I am so very lucky that reading was never an issue for us, and I cannot at all begin to take credit for this.  They’re smart, eager to learn kids, but they also loved shows like Super Why.  Have you ever watched Super Why?  It’s about fairy tales, problem solving and reading.  Skills that ALL young kids need to develop, and it’s entertaining as well.



And for those of us who Degrassi didn’t help…. Trailer Park Boys ( you may want to let the kids fall asleep first.)



What are your favorite Canadian shows?  Who are your favorite actors?  Be honest… which TPB was your fav?

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