Progress on our Backyard Makeover #LoveLowes

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By Ally Banks

I need to make a confession.  Since I’ve been partnering with Lowes on this project, I’ve spent every Friday night visiting my local store, trying to make up my mind as to what we really need, vs. what we really want.  And when I’m not there, I’m spending endless hours the website, planning and dreaming of my backyard space.

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I want a destination to put my feet up and relax at the end of the day, but I need a great meal destination.  I want a complete outdoor living space, but I need to be practical to the realities of two small children under the age of 2.5.

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After our third Friday night at Lowes, I was able to make up my mind.  Needs overcame wants, and decisions were made. Finally!

There were a few key pieces that we knew we couldn’t live without, let’s call them the basics!  A good table and chairs.  One that would be sturdy enough for kids enjoy, but also adult friendly.   Our biggest challenge is space.  We have a small back yard deck (16 ft x 10 fx) so we needed something that was going to fit – and that wasn’t a bistro set (pretty, but not kid friendly)

We decided on the Garden Treasures Rialto Table and Chairs.

  • The table came in round and rectangle options – we chose the rectangle option as it allowed us to make the best use of our small space. It was also the smallest rectangle table available, coming it at 5 feet in length.  We loved the Allen & Roth Savona collection, but the table was far too long for the space.
  • It didn’t break the bank – Knowing that there will be little fingers, neighborhood kids, and many bangs and bumps if anything happens to the set we’re not going to completely heartbroken. That said, it was amazing value for money.  It is built to last and with the proper seasonal care it will last for many fingerprints to come
  • It had room for an umbrella – My mind was blown at the amount of tables that don’t have room to hold an umbrella. I went into this thinking that all tables had one, but I was quickly proven wrong.  Patio umbrellas have evolved – Off set umbrellas are taking over!  We loved the look of one these ones but it really didn’t work with our small space.

I think it took 3 visits to Lowes for me to make up my mind.  As much as I loved the Rialto set, there were a few things that kept us from buying it at first glace

  • The chairs don’t have arms. For some people (me) this wasn’t a deal breaker, but others had a hard time with this.  We explored doing a mix and match option, with the Allen & Roth Savona chairs, but I couldn’t get past how the colors of the furniture didn’t match.


  • Those armless chairs come with red cushions.  My least favorite colour is RED, especially outside.  The good news is Lowes has endless options of chair pads, so I picked up a few extras that are more my style


In perfect timing, the weather has FINALLY started to be more seasonal and we’ve started to put the pieces together. We even having something special for the birds!   I can’t wait to put the final touches on the space and start spending my Friday nights using the space!


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  1. sabina Edwards says:

    I LOVE HOW the pricing had gone down on the umbrellas!! $99 !! they used to be in the hundreds!! I so wanted to do some stuff in the back yard but I ended up having emergency surgery on the 16th, and am on EI so wll be living off half of what I usually took home. (I am thankful though that I live in Canada and have such a systetm in place, where not only did I have surgery as soon as they figured out the problem, but was in a semi private room, with excellent nurses taking care of me, plus medical EI that can kick in and help financially)

  2. Doris Calvert says:

    I am with you on the red colour, the navy chairs on top look amazing, nice a wide and rich looking! Hope we get to see the total makeover!


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