7 Days until Fuller House! #StreamTeam

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What ever happened to predictability? The milk man, the paper boy, and evening TV! 

TV was a lot different then.  Way back when… when I was a kid.  Channels went from 2 to 13, one was in french, one was local TV and there was a TV guide station in there too.  Our options were limited to say the least. If we weren’t going to be home to see a show, we had to program our VCR to record the show… and hope that the programming worked. I mean, who really new how to program a VCR anyway? On top of that, there were so many things that could cause the recording to fail; A quick little power surge, failure to put the tape in the VCR, the TV not being turned to the proper channel.

In the days of the VCR, there was also quality television.  Family friendly sitcoms that we all grew up with.  Family Matters, Fresh Price, Full House.  To be perfectly honest, when I think of these shows, I think of my late grandmother… she always watched them… and since that was before the time of multiple screens in a home, us kids always watched them too. We didn’t complain.  The clean humor made us laugh.  We loved it.

And with the popularity of these shows now on Netflix, it’s apparent that we all STILL love them.  Clean humored sitcoms.  Who would have thought in a world full of overly graphic reality TV that a show like Full House could return.  But it has, and with open arms.

Introducing FULLER HOUSE. 

fuller house

I cannot tell a lie.  I have cried all through the first six episodes of Fuller House.  Wait… did I just say that?  Shhhhh… Yes.  I’ve seen a sneak peek of Fuller house and it does not disappoint.  It has all the humor and family friendly content that I was hoping for.  It’s a show that I am completely happy to sit down with my kids and enjoy. And though I can’t say much more about what I’ve seen, I can share with you this little teaser.

On February 26th, tune into Netflix to begin watching Fuller House! But in the mean time, be sure to check out some of these great shows picked out by our favorite cast!

·         TV Time for the Fam: www.netflix.com/familytv

·         Fuller House and Other Fave Fams: www.netflix.com/fullhousetofuller

·         Supermoms Like DJ Fuller: www.netflix.com/djfuller

·         Steph Tanner Presents “How Rude” TV: www.netflix.com/stephtanner

·         Kimmy Gibbler and Other Pesky Friends: www.netflix.com/kimmygibbler


Disclaimer: I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team.  As a member I receive special perks and sneak peaks to help me facilitate these posts.  All opinions are my own.

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