But Mom…Just Five More Minutes #StreamTeam

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It happens like clockwork.  Bath at 7pm, snack at 7:30.  At 10 to 8 we start our journey up the thirteen stairs to the bedroom.

Step one: “but mom, it’s not bed time yet.”

Step two: “but mom, I’m not sleepy.”

On the landing we turn…”But mom, just five more minutes?”

It’s the small victories that make them happy.  The little triumphs that let them feel as though they have a little control over their lives.

“Ok, sweetie.  Just five more minutes”

Recently Netflix polled parents to dertermine what their kids will do to get five more minutes before bedtime.  I know my own kids are very skilled when it comes to their stalling mathods.  William would do anything for a drink of water, or just one more snack… he has yet to learn from his masterful older brother… who sits quietly at the computer…not making a peep.  He knows that if he doesn’t drive us crazy, we’ll forget to send him up to bed.

How do your kids compare to the rest of us? Check out the infographic here to learn more.



So, to help with those “just 5 more min” request, Netflix and DreamWorks Animation launched the new Dinotrux 5 Minute Favorites! Parents push play on an entire episode and a mere 5 minutes later you can have your  kids tucked in on time and parents will have plenty of time for their own Netflix and chill (which in my world is a cuppa coffee and snuggly PJ’s.)


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  1. Tracey Flattes says:

    Cute idea! My two are pretty good with complying – as long as I give them the warning ahead of time!

  2. Lynda Cook says:

    I think all kids are stallers, lol.. I think this is a neat idea, and some great shorts!!

  3. kristen visser says:

    my daughter is somewhat of a trickster! she is all tired, we get her ready for bed and then put her into bed and boom she pops out of bed full of energy and starts running the halls lol thankfully it doesnt last long

  4. I love this idea and my kids used the “I am thirsty” all the time at bedtime.

  5. stephanie seaboyer says:

    my son does everything to get out of going to bed

  6. Judy Cowan says:

    Netflix is great and I think this “5 minute short clips” idea is a good idea!

  7. SO CUTE. and funny because as I sit here reading/typing, my DD is arguing about the pending bedtime (brush teeth, water, pee etc ) LOL

  8. Kayleigh Chaloux says:

    Mine is the I’m soooo thirsty so hungry game every single night glad I read this makes me feel like I’m not alone

  9. Thankfully my kids haven’t discovered this yet!!

  10. Just five more mins….I just want a drink….But I need to ……I have heard it all!!! My kids are stallers for sure!! No Netflix here at out house but hope the new year will change that :)

  11. Viv Sluys says:

    Mine kids use the “I just need a little drink” and “I just have to pee” most nights!

  12. I think this “5 minute short clips” idea is a really great idea

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