Dyson Cinetic DC77 Review

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I was disgusted.


I’ve been doing it wrong for oh-so long.

The first time I used the Dyson Cinetic DC77 marked an new beginning for me.  I just couldn’t believe the amount of absolute filth that came out of my dining room area rug.  Sure…I could see some surface dust and hair before I started.  And I knew there would be some dirt that you couldn’t see.  But I never, ever, expected to see this:

Dyson 1

That may be a bit hard to see… but it is more than half way to the fill line.  From an area rug… and it’s not a big area rug either! I had to dump it out and get a better shot…

Dyson 2

One little rug held on to that much filth.  Amazing.

What is the Dyson Cinetic D77 and Why Should You Have One?

dyson3The Dyson Cinetic does not lose suction.

Have you ever spent money on what you though would be a great vacuum, only to be left disappointed after only a few uses?  The reason is simple… the filters get clogged and the machine loses it’s abilty to suck.  You see, those machines rely on those filters to catch the dust and dirt…yes, they’re doing their job.  But the pores of the filter get clogged and even after cleaning, they’re just never the same.  With the Dyson Cinetic, the centrifugal force created by the cyclone actually breaks down the dust and dirt into smaller particles, rather than relying on the filter to catch them.

Some other great features you should know about are:   

  • Self-adjusting cleaner head: Dyson’s base plate automatically adapts to every floor surface, creating a continuous seal to remove dust from hard floors and carpets.
  • Ball™ technology: Sitting on a ball, the Dyson Cinetic Science™ vacuum has a lower centre of gravity, making it easy to steer around furniture.
  • Instant release wand: No catches or parts to assemble, the hose and wand release in one smooth action, making it easy to clean up high.
  • Close edge pick-up: Slim frame on the soleplate allows for cleaning up to the baseboard.
  • Hygienic bin emptying: With the press of a button, dust and dirt can be emptied directly into the waste bin.
  • HEPA filtration: Whole machine HEPA-filtration. No other vacuum expels cleaner air. The machine is also certified asthma & allergy friendly™ from the Asthma Society of Canada.
  • Warranty: Five year parts and labour warranty.


Do you have Asthma?  Does your child? asthma

Over 3 million Canadians suffer from asthma.  It is a part of their everyday.  Dust, mites, allergens, general unclean air is hard to handle when you suffer from it.  And each year, more and more diagnosis are happening.  My son, Ben, has what they call intermittent asthma.  Basically, he gets a cough during the fall allergy season, and it lasts until after the spring allergy season.  So…about 10 months long.  Witht he help of medications and puffers, he gets through just fine.  But it could change at any time.

I try to make sure that I go over his room, his mattress and his curtains at least once a month, to remove any dust mites, dead skin cells, and general yuck from his room.  The Dyson Cinetic DC77 is the BEST player for this job, let me tell you.  I can sweep over his room quickly, and with use of the proper attachments, it is light work.

Many allergens start life in the home, like dust mites and their feces. Others, such as pollen, can enter through open windows. So, what’s the best way to combat the build up of allergens in your home this fall? Here are some quick tips from Dyson:

  1.  Vacuum floors and carpets at least two times per week.
  2.  Don’t forget to vacuum other important areas in your home where dust and pet hair builds up, for example: Vacuum baseboards and window ledges once per week where pollen and dust settle. Vacuum upholstered surfaces like couches, curtains and pillows at least twice a month. Each month vacuum your mattress, where dust mites thrive, feeding off of skin cells left in pillows, duvets and mattresses.
  3.  Select a vacuum that is certified asthma & allergy friendly™ by the Asthma Society of Canada. All full-size Dyson machines are certified.

To learn more about the Dyson Cinetic DC77 and all other Dyson machines, including some great information on the science behind how the vacuum works so well, please visit DysonCanada.ca


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  1. We have a central vacuum but I find that it doesn’t reach throughout our house properly. And with 2 hairy cats, a shedding all the time pug, and four kids and a hubby tramping around, I need a thorough vacuum for those unbleached parts. This sounds amazing!

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