Summer Desserts should be FROZEN!

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I had the best of intentions… I was going to make these spactacular looking Frozen Chocolate Souffles from the Kraft Canada website…  they were going to be epic, and my kids were going to bow down to the amazing desserts that this momma makes.  But I wandered.  I didn’t follow the directions, instead throwing a twist here and a replacement there… See, I didnt have any chocolate pudding, so I figured ice cream would work instead.  I mean… Ice cream and Cool Whip go great together!  And OREO’s… well they go with ANYTHING.

I’m not sure if it was lack of patients… or lack of time.  Or just that I swayed too far from the original, mouth watering recipe, but my chocolate shelled, ice cream filled, oreo crusted souffle… well, it flopped.  It flopped right over.

So then I waited.  I sat down and waitied.  My husband consoled me. “They probably just needed more time.” He said. And as hard as it is for me to admit… he was right.  Because just 20 minutes later, I pulled this out of my freezer.

Frozen Dessert


So how did I make it?

If you follow the Kraft Canada recipe, you’ll need paper cups, pudding, Cool Whip, Oreo’s and milk.  Check out the Frozen Chocolate Souffle recipe to make the REAL version.

My version is, as I mentioned above, slightly different.

Well, it’s a lot different, but inspired by the above mentioned recipe.

I didn’t use paper cups, as I have niftly little Ice Cream Sandwich cups that do a similar job.  I lined the cup with melted chocolate chips (melted in the microwave for 45 seconds, twice).  Then I scooped my kids favorite ice cream into the center, then topped it with chopped up Oreos.  I let it sit (for longer than I planned – about 45 minutes) then popped them out of their containers.  (If using paper cups, tear and peel away the paper) Topped with Cool Whip and volia!

So yummy!


Disclaimer: I am a part of the Kraft What’s Cooking influencers program.  All opinions are my own

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  1. Oh wow! What an amazing looking dessert! So sold :)

  2. Anne Taylor says:

    Now that, is a dessert! It looks amazing!

  3. Love your take on the recipe!

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