Tupperware Calling: Week 1

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First, a little bit of background.

I don’t recall just how old I was, 12 maybe. But I decided that I wanted to sign up and sell Tupperware… so I did. I was the YOUNGEST person to sell (at that time) and I did ok, for a kid. But as kids often do, I moved on. Fast forward 10 years, and I signed up again. Pre kids, pre blog… pre-actual adult hood. I mostly did it for the discount.

But last week I signed up to be a Tupperware Consultant…and this time I mean business.  I have the know-how.  The confidence, and well.. a car.  I cannot wait to make this Tupperware business EXPLODE!

So. Get ready for some super fun new content coming your way.  And all the inside scoops on sales.  Check out my Tupperware shopping site and if you don’t live near me, go ahead and order right from that site!  If you do, then send me a message and we can get an order in, or a party booked.

What’s on Sale This Week

There are some fabulous deals, and you can find them all on my Tupperware Website <–click that

But this is my favorite, and most popular special!  When you buy the measuring cups, you get the spoons for FREE!

Measuring Combo


But what about the Tupperware parties?

You may be thinking, do they still do that?

Well yes, they do… and I will come to your home and make delicious treats (like home made ice cream in the Quick Chef Pro)… It’s a great excuse to get away, and have some fun with your friends.  But, if that doesn’t work for you, I can do a Facebook party as well. *No Housework Required!

If you are passionate about Tupperware, and kitchen organization, then SAY YES!

And Join My Team!

$30 will get you started, and the kit you get is AH-MAA-ZING!  Plus there are some super perks and discounts for Tupperware consultants.  To find out more info, email me!  jen@abusymommy.com

Say Yes




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  1. Judy Cowan says:

    Good Luck on your new adventure! I haven’t looked at a Tupperware catalog in several years, it looks like they have some great items now!

  2. loucheryl says:

    I just love Tupperware!

  3. Heidi c. says:

    Good luck with this new endeavour! You should do well because you seem very passionate!

  4. Anne Taylor says:

    We love Tupperware! Good luck!

  5. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I do like Tupperware, I just find it rather expensive compared to other firms. I do wish you all the best as a Tupperware consultant and hope you will be very successful. :-)

  6. Treen Goodwin says:

    I love Tupperware , especially my Peeler that’s my Fave :)

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