Kraft Peanut Butter Snack Bites, with Chocolate!

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I couldn’t do just one kind. I could not walk away from all of the flavour ideas that were spinning in my head after I made my first Peanut Butter Snack Bite recipe.  Do you remember the Fruit & Nut Peanut Butter snack bites that I shared with you earlier  this week?  And how I said I wasn’t going to add chocolate…


I added chocolate.  I took a glimpse of the chocolate peanut butter snack bites recipe on Kraft Canada and just knew I couldn’t let this week go by without adding chocolate to the mix.

But more than chocolate.

This time around, instead of adding the fruit and nuts, I used sweetened coconut (nom nom nom) and then I coated (boy do I mean coated) them in melted chocolate chips!

Finished Product

Ok… I’m getting ahead of myself.

First of all I gathered all my ingredients and got them ready to go.  If you start a recipe prepared, you’re not looking for something half way though, only to realize you don’t have it!


Then I grabbed my big bowl… I added my peanut butter, large oats and honey.  Then I added a full cup of sweetened coocnut…I mixed it all up…. this took a bit of arm strength.



Then I rolled them into small (bite size) balls and I stuck them in the freezer to harden.

I don’t actually own a double boiler, so I used a stainless steel bowl over top of boiling water to melt my chocolate… (this may have been the remains of a chocolate Easter bunny that had been living in my freezer for the past month).



Then all I did was dip them in the chocolate until they were coated, then roll them in coconut!  The final product was so mouth watering that I quickly gave 2 to each person then stored the rest in the fridge.

If you are looking for a delicious snack, I highly recommend checking out the peanut butter snack bites recipes on Kraft Canada, and creating your own variations.  They’re delicious!

Disclaimer: I am a part of the Kraft What’s Cooking influencers program.  All opinions are my own

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  1. Anne Taylor says:

    We’ve been making a variation of these for our daughter who just had her first son! She needs all the energy she can get right now lol

  2. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I simply can’t understand how so many people can enjoy peanut butter even my kids like it but not me I’m afraid. Oh well it’s good that we’re all different I suppose.

  3. I love the adaptability of the recipe. Love the peanut butter!!!!

  4. Heidi c. says:

    I am not usually big on coconut but these may make more a convert!

  5. Heidi c. says:

    Sorry, ‘me’ not ‘more’.

  6. Amy Lovell says:

    Yum! These sound delicious! Thanks!

  7. Lynda Cook says:

    Love the recipe, but most of all I love the measuring cups!! they are the best ones I have ever owned in my life!!

  8. They sure do look yummy! Gotta love Kraft!

  9. These look delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  10. Debbie W says:

    These would be highly addictive in our household. Should I make them?? I think it’s worth the risk.

  11. loucheryl says:

    My boys and my husband would LOVE these!!! Me included. :)

  12. YOu really cannot go wrong, in my mind, with the combo of peanut butter and chocolate! I really like how simple these are…

  13. Laurie P says:

    These are so happening this weekend! Can’t wait :)

  14. Julie F says:

    Yummy, all the best things in one bite!

  15. SueSueper says:

    We love anything peanut butter here. This is a must try.

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