It’s #TupperTuesday – This Weeks Specials

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Happy #TupperTuesday!  And welcome to week two of my Tupperware Business.  I know, I may be sounding a bit overzealous with the Tupperware, but it’s still very new and special, so bare with me folks.

Last week I hosted my first Facebook Tupperware party and it was a huge success.  I’m still very grateful that Amanda said Let’s Go For It! Because, Wow… Just Wow!  I cannot wait to see the pics from all the Tupperware that is going to be shipped to her!  Her party was a great way to start my business off on the right foot, so Thank You Amanda, and all your fabulous friends!

Now, to share some tupper-ific sales with you!  Just click on the pictures to go to my Tupperware shopping site.

Winnie The Pooh ad

The Winnie The Pooh Lunch Set is only here for a limited time, and that time is dwindling away!  The perfect gift for a first or second birthday party.  Or even a baby shower!  The set includes four large bell tumbles and two large bowls (pictured).  Only $31.00!


Thatsa BowlsIf you are looking for a great Mother’s Day gift, I highly recommend the Thatsa Bowl BOGO deal on right now!  A total of 8 Thatsa Bowls will arrive on your door step when you purchase this deal.  One set of four for you, and one for a friend, or your mama!  Only $109… More than 50% off!

And I couldn’t let a post go by without reminding you about this amazing deal!

measuring cups and spoons April 24th


Disclaimer:   I am in Independant Tupperware Consultant.  If you make a purchase after clicking a link or an image, I will earn money.


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  1. Anne Taylor says:

    The Winnie the Pooh lunch set is adorable!

  2. heidi c. says:

    Tupperware offers so many cute, fun options. I never realized this!

  3. Judy Cowan says:

    The Winnie the Pooh set is so cute! Does Tupperware have a set of Salt & Pepper Shakers with lids?

  4. Lynda Cook says:

    Love the measuring cups, tupperware is the only one that comes in 3/4 and 2/3, which makes it so much easier!!

  5. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I adore the Winnie The Pooh Lunch Set, so cute :-)

  6. loucheryl says:

    Love the Winnie the Pooh Tupperware! I my home we have tons of Tupperware. We LOVE it. My husband is such a fan too. It’s funny to see how excited he gets when he shops for Tupperware. :)

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