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It was like a light went on… I received an email that flipped the switch…Bedding.  New bedding!  Bedding has to be one of my very favorite things to buy, or receive, or just to have!  I love new bedding!  Why?  Because there is nothing better than crawling into a well made bed, with great sheets and blankets, comfy pillows and throws, and drifting off to sleep in pure luxury.   A great bed is a luxury that everyone should enjoy. Boho Bedding

It was perfect timing… winter was ending, and the big, heavy comforters are being washed and stored away for a few months.I wanted something bright and summery on my bed.  Full of color and boho style to cast a shadow on my plain walls.  I spent many hours online, searching out the perfect bedding.  There were so many options to choose from. I searched for almost a week looking for the perfect fit.   But when all was said and done, I found this on

Lush Decor Boho Stripe 3-piece Quilt Set

Add a burst of bohemian, chic color to your bedroom decor with this 3-piece quilt set. Crafted with pure cotton for comfort, this eye-catching striped bedding is bursting with colorful floral and geometric patterns. This contemporary, plush quilt set looks great in any room with the multi-colored striped pattern. One quilt and two shams are included in this woven set, which comes in queen and king sizes. This bedding is reversible, machine washable and matches nicely with virtually any color and theme of home decor.

Immediatley I fell in love with it!  It is so bright and cheerful!  I love how it looks against my chocolate brown headboard too.  It just pops!  Now, if only our weather would warm up enough so that I can always have it on!  Here in Nova Scotia, it’s still snowing… and boy do I WISH I was kidding.

The stitching on the quilt and pillow shams is very well done, and I’m sure that this is a set that will last me many, many years.  And that’s they great thing about quilts…  as they age, they gain more character. Though I will say, this Boho set comes chalk full of character.

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  1. Judy Cowan says:

    Very pretty! I really like this set!

  2. loucheryl says:

    I would love some new bedding. I should take a look at!

  3. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    That is a good idea, I’ll keep my eyes open for some marvellous new bedding, I’ve not had any in years – time to change that :-)

  4. New bedding always spruces up a room. I love bold colours.

  5. Laurie P says:

    The bedding you’ve shown above is just gorgeous, love all that color!

  6. Lots of beautiful pieces! Great idea to have a summer and winter comforter – I dont know why I haven’t thought of that prior

  7. kristen visser says:

    WOW that set is gorgeous! so colorful and bright perfect for spring/summer. i need to get new bedding. its so blah. one side is brown and the other blue. i need some brighter colors

  8. nicolthepickle says:

    I love how bright it is. It would make the whole room brighter.

  9. Lynda Cook says:

    Very nice bedding, love the colours and very summery!!

  10. Heidi c. says:

    I haven’t looked at in forever! I forgot what nice things they sell. I need to check their website again.

  11. I have been looking online for bedding and it never occurred to me to check out Overstock. I must get on there right now!!! These are nice!

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