Unwrap the Kinder Surprise to Win! {March 16th – 31st!}

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Everone loves a great contest, and I am Egg-cited to share with you this fantastic new contest from Kinder Surprie!

The Unwrap To Win Conest on Kinder’s Facebook Page!

How does $3000 to do something fun with your family sound?  I know…it sounds amazing, right!  It’s a great start to planning a summer vacation, or a little something to put away towards a winter vacation next year.  $3000 to do something fun!  Oh the ideas!

Well, right now (between March 16th and March 31st) when you head over to the Kinder Surprise Facebook page you can Unwrap the Kinder Surprise to win!

Unwrap to win

So how does it work?

Just head over to the Kinder Facebook Page and click on Unwrap To Win.  Then you’ll have 10 chances each day to unwrap the digital Kinder Surprise Egg.  Each day there will be two winners of Kinder Surprise Easter Baskets valued at $50, and everyone who Unwraps a Kinder Surprise will be entered to win that fantastic $3000 Grand Prize!

It’s just that simple! 

You can read the full rules and regulations on the Kinder Surprise Unwrap To Win contest here.


DISCLAIMER DISCLOSURE: I’m a #KinderMom/Maman/Dad who is part of the KINDER® Canada influencer team; as part of my affiliation with KINDER® Canada, I am provided with special perks and products. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Laurie P says:

    Thanks for sharing, heading over to the Kinder page!

  2. Looks like a cute contest! My kids love Kinder eggs.

  3. The kiddos love Kinder Surprise! Thanks!

  4. Victoria Ess says:

    That grand prize winner sure was lucky!

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