What to Pack When Traveling to Warm Climates

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If you live anywhere east of Vancouver, you know that Canadian winters are harsh.  There is no way to candy coat it, come February we are all ready to pack up and fly south.  We’re done with the snow, the shoveling and the ice.  Tired of slippery roads and bundling up our kids in multiple layers.  We want sunshine, sandy beaches and drinks with little umbrellas in them.

One would think that packing for a trip to the sunshine would be simple.  Flip flops, a bathing suit and light clothes.  But sometimes we are so quick to get out of the snow that we forget some of the things we need to stay healthy and happy on our trip down south!

So here are my top five items that you should pack when in search for warm climates.

Everyday Vitamins and Medications

Be sure to pack your medications and your vitamins.  It is not easy to replace prescriptions when you are in another country.  Be sure that they are in their original packaging with your name on the prescription bottle, not loose in a container or divider.


Swim Shoes

Although most resorts are super safe, swim shoes are a great way to make sure that you keep your feet safe from scrapes and scratches when you’re enjoying the waves.  A little scrape may not seem like much to worry about, but if you happen to pick up a germ your body isn’t used to it can mean a trip to the doctor and a hefty bill to go with it.


Travelers’ Diarrhea Meds

The sun and the sand are all kinds of fun…and the food and the drinks are to die for.  But when your body is exposed to something it is just not used to, it can react in a not so pleasant way. Travelers’ diarrhea usually develops after you eat or drink something contaminated with bacteria, viruses or parasites.  And spending your vacation in the bathroom of the hotel is not what you planned on doing.  Get ahead of the game by prepping yourself by taking Travelan.  Start taking it one or two days before you go, then 3 times a day (before your meals) while on vacation.  For more information about Travelan visit www.travelancanada.ca


Photocopies of All Your Documents

On any trip I have ever been on, I make copies of all my documents.  My license, passport, itinerary, birth certificate, travel insurance… basically everything, and I keep it under lock and key.  I do this for everyone traveling with me. Loosing luggage happens, so does a lost passport.  Having a copy of everything will make a bad situation so much better. Oh, and I also have a copy in the trusted hands of a family member at home, just in case.


A Sweater

I know it may seem silly.  But no matter where you travel, or how warm it is supposed to be, take a sweater.  Those hotter than hot spots tend to pump up their air conditioning inside, and bare shoulders and sundresses will leave you covered in goose bumps.  And in the event of a cold day (hey, they happen!) You’ll be some glad you did! Have a sweater and keep it close by.


Those are my top five items to take with you when you are getting out of the cold and into the sunshine!  I would love to hear what your must have travel items are.  Leave me a comment below and let me know!


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  1. I so wish that I was travelling to a warmer climate. Appreciate the tips.

  2. we totally forgot to photocopy docs before our last trip, that’s a good tip. and I always bring a sweater too, even if I only use it on the plane, it’s good to have.

  3. I don’t bring any of these (other then the meds). I always forget about dressing for in between places, like bringing a sweater when I go to Hawaii. This is a great reminder, thanks.

  4. We never travel,lol.

  5. Great tips, when my daughter and I went to California in February 2012, I made sure we had sweaters and long pants, not that we used them much unless down by the beach at night. I found it funny how I was dressed for summer all the time and those who live there found the weather to be cold. (sweaters in the scorching sun.)

  6. My must-have travel item is a camera! Whether it’s my DSLR or a cell phone with a nice camera worked into it, I want to be able to document those memories! :)

  7. Great tips :) I havent thought to copy my documents – but will be doing so now!

  8. Thank you for the recommendations… I think many people forget these items in their excitement and rush to go on holidays, but as someone who has had their documents stolen, I can vouch personally for getting copies of all said documents.

  9. Theresa C. says:

    Great tips – now I just need to win a trip! ;p

  10. Susan Patterson says:

    Thank you for such great tips – great ideas!

  11. Victoria Ess says:

    These are such great tips! Thank you for sharing!

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