Boston Pizza Kids Cards are Back! $5 Donation = 5 Kids Meals

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Lets talk about a situation that many of us face. It’s been a long day at work, or maybe you’ve been home cleaning your butt off since the kids went off to school. Either way, when you look at the clock and it’s telling you that you may have forgotten about feeding your family, it is definitely a good day to eat out! Well this time I decided to let my 2 boys choose where we were going to eat. And by some strange act of what I can only assume was magic, they actually agreed our destination. Boston card

It was the perfect destination. Why?  Because the Boston Pizza Kids Cards are back… and nothing beats giving back while enjoying a meal out with family.  Here’s the deets:  If I make a minimum donation of $5, I can get a kids card that will give me 5 free kids meals. That’s right, 5 FREE KIDS MEALS!! We’re talking $35 worth of free food.  And on top of that, if we register the kids card with their MyBP account online , they will throw in a 6th free kids meal!

Now, as any smart man will do, I prefer to let my wife make all of my money spending decisions (or at least let her think that she does!). But with this kind of deal, the word “SOLD” was out of my mouth without so much as a glance in her direction. She may be the smarter shopper (by a long shot), but even I can see a great deal from time to time.

So where is the $5 donation going? It goes to the Boston Pizza Foundation Future Prospects.

When you make a donation, the money goes raised goes to organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, Kids Help Phone and more.  Learning this made it clear to me why it’s called a Boston Pizza Kids Card. Yes it gives me a free kids meal. But more importantly, it’s raising money for children who might need more than just some free food. The organizations involved with this Foundation are all committed to the present and future of children across the country. And ever since the birth of my first son in 2005, I gained an incredible level of respect for anyone involved in the care and guidance of children.

So my advice for you, if your thinking about going out for supper tonight, why not head over to Boston Pizza, make a donation and enjoy a great meal.  And make sure to sign up for a MyBP  account on-line. Not only will you get that 6th free meal, they also have great deals and promos on there as well. And even better, signing up is free to ( not to mention easy)!

For more information about Boston Pizza, MyBP and the Boston Pizza Kids Card Program, please visit


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  1. This is such a great deal. Even my girls came to me telling me we needed to go to Boston Pizza to give to charity :).

  2. Darlene W says:

    Always up to supporting a good cause

  3. Anne Taylor says:

    Yay for Boston Pizza and this initiative! Thanks for sharing!

  4. we love BP and we love these kids cards!!! Glad they are back!

  5. That is such an awesome and generous promotion!

  6. This is such a great deal and kudos to Boston Pizza for helping to give back!

  7. Supporting businesses that support good causes is a brilliant way to do our part

  8. This is awesome. Not only for the 5 free kids meals, but the donations go to great causes. Good job, Boston Pizza!

  9. Darlene W says:

    $5 for 5 meals and support a good cause, I am in

  10. Doris Calvert says:

    We took advantage of this last year and it’s for a good cause so everyone wins!

  11. DARLENE W says:

    $5 for 5 kids meals, wow

  12. If I still had little ones we would certainly try this out!

  13. alexanernberg says:

    Awesome promotion Boston Pizza

  14. Victoria Ess says:

    This is a great promotion that we always participate in!

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