Bedroom Makeover For My 9 Year Old

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This weekend my son went to stay with his aunt, uncle and baby cousin a few hours away.  It is the longest that he has ever been away from home, his family and his own bed.  From the little that I’ve spoken with him since he left I’ve been able to find out that yes he was a little homesick at first, but that he was having a blast.

But, since he’s been gone now for 5 days (and nights) his dad and I decided it was time for a bedroom makeover.

At first it was just going to be a coat of paint.  His room was an odd blue/grey color…we never painted after we moved in (though our landlord has told us numerous times that painting is fine), so it was time.  I didn’t take before pictures of his room, but I did get this shot of the color once we filled the holes.


So…then we painted it.  I went with a very strong shade of green.  I may have nicknamed it Minecraft Green, as it almost perfectly matched a Creeper sticker that Ben had on his wall.



We (when I say we, I totally mean my husband, he did all the painting) finished painting it in just a few hours, yay for lots of windows!  There is only one solid wall in this room, so it only took about 2/3 of the can of paint.  Now I can paint a piece of furniture Minecraft Green!  (Or maybe not).

The room is far from done…I still need a rug (preferably black 5′ X 7′) and I’ll likely grab that at Walmart.  I spotted one tonight when I picked his new bedding.


We still need to sand and paint his dresser, and maybe pick up some new hardware for it.  His TV stand needs to be painted as well.  But hubby was able to pull some scrap wood out of his workshop and make this fantastic shelf!  One coat of Black Gesso is all it took to make it that black.



The stickers on the dresser are removable…we took them off the walls to paint and needed a place to stick them.  I may try to reuse them somewhere in his design.  But he’s a bit past Mario…he prefers those 18+ games now.  He does still love Minecraft, and we’re shopping for a  poster to go along side the Plants VS Zombies poster he got for Christmas a while back.



Ben will be home tomorrow afternoon, and though his room will be lacking in some finishing touches, it will be great for him to be able to have some input on what’s left to go into his room.

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  1. Judy Cowan says:

    I am sure he will love it, The bedding looks really good with the wall colour.

  2. Great Minecraft theme starting there! Although my son likes the game (and all those 18+ ones too) I did the opposite of you and painted his room a lavender grey shade lol! We used black trim to accent and hopefully it will carry him through his teens.

  3. mistygrl70 says:

    He’s going to be so surprised!!!! I hope you get pictures of his reaction.. very very nice job!

  4. cool colour paint

  5. I love that colour green – so fresh and cool. Your son must love it!

  6. love the PvZ poster

  7. boring beige needs to be banished as a default paint option

  8. Victoria Ess says:

    Did he love it? I think you did a great job on the painting!

  9. Karen Glatt says:

    This is a very nice bedroom remodel for your 9 year old son. He is really going to like it. The green walls with the white really looks great.

  10. Laurie P says:

    That’s a fantastic color! Love bold colors for the kids bedrooms!

    Well done!

  11. My husband is currently working on my 6 year old’s son new room. He is getting a new bed and desk for school work. He had to fill some holes in his walls because he had to move some shelves. It should be done in about 3 weeks.

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