Five Ways to Keep your Child Busy this Summer

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“Summer time, and the livin’ is easy….”. It’s fair to say that when George Gershwin and DuBose Heyward wrote their hit song in 1935 they didn’t have to entertain bored children during the summer.

In fact, there is nothing harder for a parent than trying to find interesting and, if you’re lucky, useful things for the children to do during the summer break. So here are some tips to help make your summertime living just that little bit easier.

Go Skateboardingcanstockphoto16596191

Skateboarding has been a popular and healthy pastime for many generations of children. All they need is a board and some safety equipment such as kneepads, elbow protectors and helmets, and they are good to go. If you’re kids are really into it and want to make their board the best in the area, check out specialist suppliers like Penny Skateboards who allow you to make your own custom penny skateboards for some gnarly ideas. This is not just a great way to have fun; the kids will get valuable exercise in the process.

Swim for Fun and Fitness

Another great and fun form of summer exercise is to swim. Once again, this is a super pastime for children of all ages, and can be enjoyed alone or in groups. If you’re lucky enough to live near a beach, creek or waterhole, you have the ideal place for a swim within easy access. Otherwise, investigate the local public pool or water park. Many pool facilities, both council and privately owned, sell holiday pool passes that reduce the costs.

radishGrow your own Food

If your children are too young to swim on their own and you don’t have the time to supervise them at the pool, look to your own back yard. A vegetable garden is an ideal way to keep the children occupied while getting them interested in the food they eat. And if you have fussy kids who recoil at anything green or orange on their plates, you might find them a little more accepting of eating something they’ve grown themselves. There will be a little work for you to do in setting up the garden early in the project, but once it’s established, the kids can garden to their hearts’ content.

Happy Snaps for a Happy Time

Photography has fascinated children since its invention and is a great opportunity to make memories of the holidays. Once considered too expensive for a child’s hobby because of the need to buy film and printing services, today’s digital cameras mean any bad photos can easily be deleted or downloaded at no cost. Buy a cheap digital camera or find an old one and send the kids out to take photos of their neighbourhood or holiday activities.

Reintroduce the Kids to Books

In the modern era of television, PlayStations and iPads, the age-old pastime of kids immersing themselves in the wonders of books is sadly becoming a thing of the past. These holidays could be a good time to reintroduce the kids to the delights of the written word. Many public libraries hold activities during the summer holidays to keep children entertained and educated. Otherwise, let them loose among the shelves of old classics and favourites. You never know what they might find.

There are scores of things your children can do this summer to keep boredom at bay. All they have to do is drag themselves outside and enjoy the many amazing things the world has to offer.

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  1. Great tips!! I think swimming is awesome…not just for fitness, but it’ll also keep them cool so you don’t have to hear them whine how hot it is.

  2. Lots of gardening (can’t wait to teach my girl), swimming, and trips to the library, we have a brand new one across the road :)


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