Kid Friendly Foods Really Do Exist

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I have picky eaters.  All three of the male gender who live with me are very specific about what they will eat…and even more specific about what they will not eat.  Ages 4, 8 and mid 30’s.  Picky eaters are hardly bound by age.  But, it is a reality in my house, and for years it has been a stumbling block in my meal planning.

I always felt like I was struggling to find something everyone could enjoy my stress level towards meal time was always very high.  Then one day I just realized…why am I trying so hard?  It’s not my job to please everyone…just provide for them.  Only the littlest one is too young to get himself a meal, or truly understand the importance of a balanced diet.

My kids like raw vegetables.  Unless they’re mashed potatoes…they want them raw.  My eldest son eats frozen peas like they’re candy.  Just loves them.  So instead of forcing them to eat cooked veggies (and saving myself time cooking and money on the power bill) I have given in and let them eat it raw.  As long as they’re getting everything they need…I’m happy.

So, I’ve been making meals like this a lot lately.  Using our favorite deli meats for needed protien, cheese for dairy, and lots and lots of veggies.

MLF Deli Fresh

Kid Friendly Salad


On a large plate, arrange rolled chicken breast around the plate.  Cut all vegetables to finger food size (perfect for toddler/preschooler fingers), and layer (or pile by type) depending on the pickiness level).  Top with cubed cheese and add a little bowl of dip.


salad plate

Super simple and completely customizable to suite the needs, likes and dislikes of everyone in the family.  What’s even better…very little clean up!  I always use just one plate a knife and cutting board, and we all share!

It’s the perfect lunch time snack!


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  1. Very smart in rather than forcing, going with what works.. Frozen peas MAY not be what you have in mind, but it’s healthy in the end!

  2. Karen Evans says:

    My grandchildren are very picky. Not eating any veggies at all! :(

  3. That dish exactly was my favorite snack as a child. Raw veggies & dip.

  4. I know mine would gobble that up. They all love all of those ingredients.

  5. That looks like a perfect supper for my extremely picky gang!

  6. Lynda Cook says:

    my girls are the same they will not eat cooked veggies, but they gooble up the same veggies raw, so I just go with it

  7. Anne Taylor says:

    My grandkids love chopped up veggies with dip of some sort! Thanks for the info!

  8. Florence C says:

    My son puts a plate of raw veggies on the table at meal time so the kids eat what they like. My grandson loves the pea pods.

  9. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I say if it works go for it. My sister always loved raw veg, even potatoes

  10. i love the shaved chicken breast

  11. Marti Tabora says:

    I have a very picky eater too, I find it so strange because I started him out eating a huge variety of vegetables and he just never learned to like them.

  12. JaimeeM says:

    I have a picky eater, I think trying this method of snacking out would work for him.

  13. Amy Lovell says:

    That looks great! My daughter is beyond picky so she wonèt even eat her veggies with dip!

  14. My son is a picky eater but again I tried this, and he loved picking out what he wanted to eat.

  15. Darlene Schuller says:

    Variety plates as we call them were the only way to get out daughter to eat good for what seemed like eternity.

  16. I love this awesome healthy spread. My kids love ranch on everything, the only way they eat there veggies sometimes. Great idea!

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