Free Hand Nappy Bag Review & Spring Into babymoov Event

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It’s an essential, the diaper bag that is.  Whether it’s your first baby or your fifth, when you leave your home you’re going to need things.  Diapers, bottles, bibs and wipes, a change of clothes (for baby and you…any maybe even a toddler too!) Forget just one thing, and it’s bound to be the one thing you need the most.  Having the right bag to suit your needs is essential as well.  For a short trip out, you may only want something small, but a full day outing, or travelling with kids, the bigger (and more organized) the better.

Just a few weeks ago I was offered the opportunity to try out the Free Hand Nappy Bag from babymoov…and since my baby days are over (both kids in school full-time this September!) we sent it off to my sister, who just welcomed her first baby this past December.  My sister is an expert packer (and traveller) so she was the perfect person to review the Free Hand Nappy Bag.

diaper bag

Here is what my sister had to say about the Free Hand Nappy Bag
It’s a great size and shape.  In my current bag, its long a narrow so I’m always digging down into it to find something.  This one allows me to find everything without digging.
The removable diaper pad.  Love this.  It holds a few diapers and small lotion and wipes, so everything is in one place.  It’s easily detachable, so for a quick diaper change you don’t need to take the whole bag in with you.
Lots of storage.  The bag itself has lots of pockets – 8 in total which is great for creating a home for everything.  The bottom of the bag also has a zippered storage compartment similar to a gym bag for shoe storage.   All the pockets are zippered on the outside, which is great added security.
Extra bags.  The diaper bag comes with extra transparent bags, which is awesome.  I always have ziplock bags in my diaper bag to store wet clothes and keep extra clothes clean.  They are lined and should be very durable.  They can be easily wiped out as well.  It also comes with a  thermal bottle bag ( which I might use for beer on the beach) an extra blanket and what I think is a soother holder
Stroller attachment – I think this is normal on all diaper bags now, but because this bag has nice clips its easy to get on and off of the stroller
It’s heavy – without anything in it, the bag is heavy.  It’s made of nice thick canvas and really heavy hard wear.  So the quality of the bag is likely the cause of the weight. It may be it bit big for just one baby, but when you through a toddler in the mix, it’s the perfect size.

Spring Into babymoov Event!

All week long Cariboo Distribution is having a fantastic event featuring babymoov products!  It is all taking place on the Cariboo Distribution Facebook Page.  So head on over and like their page (and tell your friends too!)  There will be 3 Flash Giveaways early in the week where you could win a fantastic babymoov product, like the fabulous Free Hand Nappy Bag mentioned above.

Thursday March 27th Cariboo Distribution will be giving away 2000 $10 coupons valid on a babymoov Free Hand Nappy Bag.  First come first served so get there early before all the coupons are gone.  Be sure to check for a location near you where you can redeem your coupon in store!


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  1. That’s a very nice bag. I like all the pockets.

  2. Victoria Ess says:

    This bag looks so nice for a diaper bag, and so functional!

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