Saving For Disney – Getting Started

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Yes, I am a Disney fanatic, and no I don’t feel bad.  I love all things Disney and am thrilled to be planning our families next vacation slotted for October 2014.  I’m excited… and slightly obsessed, but that’s ok…we do what makes us happy, right?

In October of 2014 we will be headed to Disney!

There will be six of us, Corey and I, Ben and William, and my inlaws Adeena and Richard!

So, the first thing that one needs to address when going to Disney is the ideal time of their vacation, and their budget.   The cost of going to Disney fluxuates throughout the year.  So it is important to know what you can afford and when you want to go.

October is low season, that is when prices are quite reasonable when staying on site.  That (and Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party) is why we’ve decided that October would be the best time for us.  We will likely be staying at a Value resort, that is unless a fantastic discount opens up that makes it reletivly close to the same costs for a moderate resort – within a few hundred dollars.

My first estimate of our total cost for going to Disney was $6000 – that included very pricy flights.  I think it has been decided that we will most likely be driving to Disney, significantly reducing the cost.  So though my original goal of $6000 will remain the same (I like having money for those just-in-case moments) and if we don’t quite make that mark,we will still be able to go.

So I dug out a mason jar and decorated it to make it special.

Disney Jar


Then I scoured through the back to school clearance section and found this fantastic sparkly binder (it just screams pixie dust) which I will, over the next year, transform into my Disney planning binder.

Disney Planning Binder


I’ve ordered my free Disney Planning DVD  (have you?)

Now it’s time to buckle down and start saving!

If you have always dreamed on taking a trip with your family to Disney, then I invite you to join me as I plan the magic and save the money.  I’ll be posting a linky each and every Tuesday where you can share your own Disney Posts, savings goals, crafts and more!


375 days until Disney!


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  1. I love your idea of a Disney Savings jar. You and your family are gonna have so much fun when you go! Happy Saving!

  2. Lucky you! I want to go as an adult.

  3. Disney is so much fun! I only went once 25 years ago but I had a blast:) I would love to bring my kids there one day and a savings jar is the perfect way to start ( I use mason jars for everything )! And I’m glad you wrote about October being the cheapest time to go I did not know they had an off season. Happy savings!

  4. Halloween at Disneyland?!? I can’t imagine a better time to visit them. I visited the Hong Kong Disneyland during Halloween many many years back and it was awesome. The park is much smaller than any other disneylands out there, but the mood they create there is amazing.

  5. it’s been 4 years since I was in Disneyland and I’m aching to go to Orlando. I should get serious about setting specific money aside. Great idea!

  6. Victoria Ess says:

    This is so exciting! I can’t wait to find out how much you managed to save!

  7. Judy C (Cowan) says:

    Love the Disney Saving Jar! I love Disney too and we are hoping to go in Nov 2014 to see Disney at Christmas.

  8. We have never been to Disney and this is a great thought. I love the Disney savings jar.

  9. What a great idea! I am going to do the same for our family as we would love to go to Disney at some point!

  10. Great idea to use a jar to save up! So many people go so far into debt over vacations and don’t save up for them so good for you for planning ahead!

  11. I really want to make a Disney savings jar for my son. Great idea!

  12. Planning to go to Disney one day :) great jar idea.

  13. I need to make a Disney Savings Jar.

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