Getting To Disney World – Revamping the Saving For Disney Series

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In my house you will find many mason jars.  Their intended purpose (to preserve food) is the last thing you will find them used for.  See, I am a save-a-holic with very little saving skills.  I get an idea, and I start a jar for it. Basically because loose change is all I’ve ever had to work with.  But our family budgeting skills are getting better, and I think it’s time to revamp our Saving For Disney challenge we bagan earlier this year.

Saving For Disney

So yes, once again I’ll be posting about our savings goals – achievements and fanstastic Disney offers like the Free Dining Plan that’s going on right now.  On our facebook and twitter pages, you’ll find any time sensitive things that Disney may share with me or through their own social media channels.  We’re going all out Disney for the next 12 months, because come October 2014 my family and I are headed to Disney World!

I’m still working out all the little details on exactly what our financial goal will be (somewhere in the $6000 range) but I’ll post all the details this coming week with our first post!

Are you as excited as I am???


So please join me every Tuesday for the next 12 months as we Save For Disney and share any big tips or tricks we come across along the way!

Here is one of my favorite shots from our last Disney trip, December 2010/Jan 2011

Disney Dining


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  1. Judy C (Cowan) says:

    I am trying to save too for Nov 2014 but so far it is going slow and we don’t have too much put away :( Better get my act together soon!

  2. Victoria Ess says:

    Crossing my fingers for you to make your goal!

  3. I am looking forward to hearing some money saving tips!! We are hoping to take the kids to Disneyland in 2015!

  4. its so hard to save but Disney is so worth it

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