New Brunswick Road Trip! #ABMRoadTrip

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We’ve never done it before…

Never have we even thought that putting our two boys in the back seat of our little hatch back along with the necessities for four days would be a good idea…but something in me changed.  Something in me says we’re wasting our summer’s away not doing much, and though we long for big travel… our budget doesn’t.  So this summer we’re road trippin’.

We’ve planned our four-day, three night trip to the Monction area of New Brunswick.  About a four hour drive from our home in Nova Scotia.  Our reservations are placed and we have a basic itinerary…

We’ll be staying at The Crystal Palace Hotel in Dieppe, and have reserved the Slide & Ride package which is an amazing value at $649!  The 2013 package includes:

I’m still debating on the Crystal Club.  For an additional $75  our kids would be uber surprized to walk into the hotel room and see balloons and treat bags there waiting for them.  Those plush bathrobes certainly would come in handy going back and forth between the pool area.

  • Brightly colored Crystal Club Balloons in your room upon arrival
  • Welcome goody bag for the children
  • Plush bathrobes for all family members
  • Milk and cookie delivery in the evening
  • Discount coupons
  • Children’s area during check in
  • … and much more!

I think the thing that excites me the most about our hotel stay is that each room is outfitted with a Keurig and complimentary coffee!  No need to scoot out in hunt of much-needed Java!

While we are in New Brunswick we will be doing a bit of sight-seeing.  I have not visited the area since I was in my early teens, and quite honestly, other than the Kamikaze I don’t remember much and a meal at McDonalds, I don’t remember much.

Aside from a day at Crystal Palace and another at Magic Mountain, we will be visiting Magnetic Hill Zoo as well as The Hopewell Rocks.

These two places are very new to me, I don’t think I have ever visited them!  So I am beyond excited to spend some time (and take lots of pictures) checking out all the animals and the fantastic rock formations!

You can follow our families travels next week on twitter, just watch for the hashtag #ABMRoadTrip!

And if you have any hints on how to keep an 8-year-old and 3.5-year-old happy for the 4 hour drive, please, feel free to let me know!


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  1. Janis Rossignol says:

    Hi Jen! I follow you on FB and was intrigued by this blog post, as I am from NB. We live in Fredericton now, but I lived in Moncton for several years, and have visited all the places you mention several times. The 4- hr drive will be fine…give them electronics…if you have a tablet, portable DVD, whatever…load them up! And snacks of course! Also, just a reminder regarding the Hopewell Rocks…be sure you check tide times, so you arrive during low tide…I’m sure whatever travel sites you are visiting mentioned this, but just in case they didn’t :) Also, while you are at Magnetic Hill/Magic Mtn/Zoo, be SURE to check out the boardwalk…and Butterfly World :)

    Hope your family trip is the best…I always say that I haven’t seen enough of my own country yet to even think about visiting another!

    • Thanks Janis! And for the reminder for Hopewell rocks, I totally would have forgotten to check! I didn’t know there was a Butterfly World – my kids will love this! Thanks Again!

  2. I visit Hopewell rocks for the first time last year. We loved , I Want to go back .

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