Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

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So, it’s Valentine’s Day and you haven’t yet picked up anything for the kids, or your sweetie-pie.  Not to worry folks.  Here are a few very simple things that you can either pick up, or make at home to show the love(s) of your life that you haven’t forgotten about them.

Hallmark Has Your Backcupig

We all know that Hallmark has you covered when it comes to any holiday…so on your way to work, or after dropping off the kids at school – make a quick detour into your local Hallmark store.  You can pick up a fantastic card and a cuddly friend for your kids.  My absolute favorite is Cupig.  Only $15.95 and sure to get your kids dancing around with him.

Isn’t he adorable?


Valentine’s Day Mini Cupcakes

So now you have a gift for the kids, and cards for your loved ones.  Simple enough.

A quick stop at the supermarket for a little help from Betty Crocker.  Pick up a box of her finest cake mix, container of frosting and some mini cupcake liners is all you need to put a special treat out for dessert!  One box of cake mix will make 60ish mini cupcakes.  If you have some sprinkles or candy on hand, you can decorate them…if not, just throw some food coloring in the mix and frosting and you’re good to go!  Also check out  How To Cheat At Fancy Cupcakes by Natalee.

Valentines Day Mini Cupcakes

Get All Lovey Dovey

For the love of your life, just find your very favorite picture of the two of you, or your whole family and get creative with it.  A photo as a digital file has a lot of potential.  You can make a calendar or a card, using the FREE HP Software, or even a collage with a bunch of your favorite pictures!  Then search the basement through that tote of picture frames that I know you have down there… (I have three totes of picture frames…so does my mom, I know you have one too) and make it all pretty.  I promise you, they’ll think all that time you spent last week on the computer was devoted to making this gift.


So you didn’t have time to decorate?  No problem…. go dig out all the pink and red crayons…plug your toddler in the high with some blank paper and let him/her scribble to their hearts content.  Then, just cut out lots of hearts!  Stick them on the windows, or around the dinner table.  Easy Peasy.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. My son loved cupig when we saw him/her at Hallmark.
    For Valentine’s day, we shaved crayons and put them between 2 pieces of wax paper and melted them with an iron. Then I cut heart shapes out of them and whole punched the top and strung a string through it. We hung them by the window. When you mentioned letting the kids go at with crayons, I reminded me of my last minute craft with the kids this year.

  2. I love cupig, he is so cute.

  3. Victoria Ess says:

    I also saw cupig at Hallmark and it was adorable! I didn’t give or receive one for V-day though haha

  4. saminder gumer says:

    these are all great gifts. i planned ahead this year so no last minute stuff for me.

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