HP Envy X2 Tablet/Laptop & Printer Giveaway!

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This has been a fantastic week.  I received a fun new toy in the mail…the new HP Envy X2 and a printer to go with it.  The duo is coming in handy this week, let me tell you!

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and with a storm weekend ahead I plan to get all my Valentine’s day surprises ready to go!  I love making useful gifts for Valentine’s Day!  When it comes to classroom festivities, I would much rather send in pencils and erasers, stickers and such.  Not stuff then just lands in the trash.   With the HP Envy X2 and the HP Photosmart 7520, being creative has never been so easy for me! I have been working my creative juices to come up with some fantastic ideas of things to send in the Ben’s class…and some fun idea’s for family and friends.  I have already posted my first idea.  Home-made Valentine’s Day Bookmarks.

I think I may be in love with this new computer.  I’m all about new technology, and the HP Envy X2 is the perfect crossover between laptops and tablets.  One minute I can be sitting at my desk, looking up a recipe then the next, I’m in the kitchen, screen in hand, taking the recipe with me!  I really thing this is a fantastic way to use technology in the home.  I own two tablets that do not have detachable keyboards…though I could purchase the usb ones, I never bothered.  Though they are handy, I always found myself in front of my laptop…I prefer having a traditional keyboard.


What I really like is just how easily they come apart!  Just one little push of the button and off pops the screen.  While the keyboard base is plugged into the wall, the screen will charge while docked.

The HP Envy X2 Features:

1.8 GHz Duel Core Intel Atom

Windows 8

3.11 lbs

11.6″ HD LED Display 1366 x 768

2GB of Ram 64 GB Hard Drive

Beats Audio with Duel Speakers

There are so many more features in the HP Envy X2.  Like how sleek it is!  It’s light weight (just a little over 3lbs) aluminum design is perfect for travelling.  I can pop it in my purse and head out the door.  No need for a big travel bag or case.  It is extremely thin too…just 3/4 of an inch at its thinnist point!  It is, in my opinion… perfect for on-the-go computing.    It even has both full size and mini SD slots and USB ports.

HP Envy X2


I  have to tell you  about William.  William is my 3 year old.  He has been  playing with out touch screen devices for well over a year now…and recently I introduced him to our older laptop.  The lack touch screen threw him for a loop.  He had the hardest time at first, trying to get the touch pad to move the mouse when he wanted it to go.  As soon as I put him in front of the HP Envy X2 he knew exactly what to do, and how to make it work.

HP Photosmart 7520

Now, the second half of this  fantastic duo, the HP Photosmart 7520.  This thing is the Queen of All-In-One Printers.  I have  never been so impressed with a printer.  The 7520 features a touch screen menu pad with pre-loaded features…it is customizable to suit your own needs…but let me  tell you, someone was thinking when they loaded this baby.  With  a touch of a button I can print out coloring sheets, crafts, cross words….all the fun things to keep the  kids busy while I’m trying to conquer my to-do list.  The crafts are perfect for the   holidays.  There are some fun decorations that I am going to be using for Valentine’s Day!  But it doesn’t stop there!  You can go to the HP website  and get fantastic photo projects.   HP really has your families printing needs in mind when they come up with these things.  OH, and the best part.  It’s an e-printer  as well.  That means that when I downloaded my newest knitting pattern to my phone today, I just hit print and I had the pattern in my hand…from smartphone to printer!!

Too Cool.  Really…I’m amazed at the skills.


**This giveaway is open to residents of Canada Only**

 HP has offered to A Busy Mommy readers the opportunity to win (and love) the new HP Envy X2 Laptop/Tablet and the HP Photosmart printer !  EST Value over $1100!

The Mandatory entry for this contest is to create a pinterest board labeled #LoveHP and pin some of the things that you would create using these tools if you win.  I know, a little different than usual, but I like to mix things up a bit.  Entries that do not include a link will be deleted. 


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  1. What a nice prize. Love to win it. Thanks !

  2. Love the versatility and the DIY options – with Easter right around the corner it’s perfect.

  3. Anne Taylor says:

    I hope I did this properly!


    nancyrobster at gmail dot com

  4. Cathy Canton says:

    I would make calendars and photoalbums and meal planners and budgets and templates for the kids essays and projects to name a few


  5. Here is my Pinterest board!

  6. Shared contest via email and cc’ed you. Feb 10/13.

  7. Cheryl (@loucheryl) says:
  8. Great site!

  9. I created the board http://pinterest.com/leannemacg/lovehp/

    I pinned a bunch of Valentines because I really need to start making them :)

  10. Brenda Penton says:
  11. Victoria Ess says:
  12. Here’s the link to my board:

  13. holly messana says:
  14. I emailed contest to a friend and cc’ed you. Feb 11/13

  15. Jennifer Abbott says:
  16. Here is a link to my board.


  17. First time doing this so hope its alright
    was fun

  18. I would print menu plans and school resources for my child http://pinterest.com/beanscoupons/lovehp/

  19. Lots of #LOVEHP pinning!

  20. http://pinterest.com/dawnbheag/lovehp/

    This win would be a teacher’s dream! LOL
    Check out just a sampling of the things I could print in the board above!

  21. Talk about a contest I would SERIOUSLY love to win!! Super awesome! :)

  22. Laura Moschito says:

    Fabulous prize! My laptop is pretty old, so I’d love to win!

  23. Lots of pinning for #loveHP!

  24. Hmmm … this is letting my creativity bubble over – OMGoodness, so many pieces of inspiration out there!!!


  25. http://pinterest.com/commoncentsmom/lovehp/
    and crossing my fingers as my lap top just died.

  26. Angela Mitchell says:
  27. here is a link to my board

  28. sorry here is the link to my pinterest board http://pinterest.com/carynas/lovehp/

  29. saminder gumer says:
  30. leah leitch says:

    Oh this would be lovely for me a computer of my very own.:)

  31. Bibi Rodriguez says:

    This is my Pinterest #LoveHP Board:

    Thanks for the opportunity!
    awesome site, awesome giveaway and awesome prize:D

  32. I need this so badly… I would love to win!!

  33. nice…

  34. Christine O'Connor says:
  35. We have a table top and printer both H.P. love them both, Good Good products

  36. Belinda McNabb says:
  37. still pinning – this is fun!

  38. I’m working on my board :) http://pinterest.com/shasher/lovehp/

  39. here is my pinterest board http://pinterest.com/tarasview/lovehp/ :)

  40. Wow, this is awesome! And the Pinterest board was a super fun idea!!

    ~ Raylene

  41. ellen beck says:
  42. Debbie Bashford says:
  43. Rose Holloway says:
  44. So much fun….thanks for the great giveaway!!


  45. http://pinterest.com/luckylady0856/lovehp/

    Not sure if this will post twice but don’t want to be disqualified!

  46. julie_bolduc says:
  47. lori butler says:
  48. Wonderful contest and I am learning something new…how to create a board. It isn’t something that I am used to doing but I did create a cute St. Patrick’s Day card using my loving cat, Audrey Hepburn as a subject.


  49. Kris Wilson says:
  50. Betty Muise says:

    My computer is seven years old, as is my printer. Would love to win new ones.

  51. Amanda Neilson says:
  52. Sydney D says:
  53. Sydney D says:
  54. Here’s my board: http://pinterest.com/wendylindsey/lovehp/

    ~Wendy :D

  55. Andrew P says:

    Here is my pinterest board -> http://pinterest.com/apham17/lovehp/

  56. Sandra S says:
  57. Sydney D says:
  58. blessedta says:
  59. Bibi Rodriguez says:

    Who won? :)


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