Home Made Valentine’s

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Sure… you can go to the store and buy them, but there is something special about a home-made Valentine.  The time, the thought that goes into it…it just makes it special.  This week I have been charged with coming up with some fantastic ways to show those we love that we’re thinking of them.  I love a good challenge, and a reason to be creative!

So here are a few different Valentine’s that you can make at home with your kids, using your computer, printer and a few item’s you can likely find at your local dollar store.


Valentine Book Mark

I try to avoid giving sugar and candy in classrooms for holidays and special occasions.  Really, it’s the last thing those kids need after they’ve had lots of cupcakes and treats in the classroom.  I do, however, love to make things that kids can use for a long time…things that wont make their way to the recycling bin by week’s end.  So my first Valentine was the Valentine’s Day Bookmark.


  • Paint or photo shop program on your computer
  • Printer with Ink
  • HP Photosmart computer paper
  • Embroidery Floss, string or yarn
  • Scissors
  • Valentine’s Day Stickers

To make these fun Valentine’s, I created a 3″ by 6″ white picture.  You can use your paint programs to do this, just start a new picture and resize it to 3″ by 6″.  Then I opened it in picmonkey and added stickers, text and lace.  So easy to do!  You can create them for your kids entire class, with help from your kids of course.

Once you have printed the bookmarks, cut them out using a paper-cutter or scissors.  Then, using a hole punch, punch a whole in the top.  Add decorative ribbons or embroidery floss and voila!  Non traditional Valentine’s for your kids class that wont end up in the recycling bin!

Home Made Valentines

To make these fun Valentine’s I used the new HP Envy X2  convertable tablet/laptop and the HP Photosmart 7520 printer.  Having a removable screen on a tablet makes so much difference when you’re trying to work on drawing programs.  
As a special treat for our Canadian  A Busy Mommy readers, HP Canada has offered to give one of you your very own HP Envy X2 convertable tablet/laptop featuring Windows 8 And the HP Photosmart 7520 printer.  To enter, click the contest ad below and follow the directions!

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  1. Anne Taylor says:

    You are so amazingly crafty! lol I am really not as talented as you are! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Those are so cute! I love personalized gifts!

  3. AWww…What a great idea! I think I may have to do this for the kids in my class this year. Love gifts that looks great and are practical. Thanks for the idea!

  4. Wow! You certainly have a talent for crafts – These look like such a great gift idea, and like you said, one that wont be tossed out immediately after!

  5. They are so cute, I love that they are personalized

  6. Ah this post make me sad…my youngest has decide he’s too old to give out Valentines anymore.

  7. Love the idea of homemade Valentine cards :)

  8. Love these! I wish I would have made homemade Valentine’s cards when I was younger.

  9. saminder gumer says:

    i love homemade valentines. i wish i was talented enough to make them look good. i have tried in the past and they never come out the way i want them to.

  10. these are so cute i should make some of these

  11. We made cards this year. My almost 3 year old is all about gluing buttons right now, so the cards kept falling over from being too front-heavy. :)

  12. Great craft idea! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Seriously, I love these! We did photo Valentine’s last year and they were a blast. But I might like these even better! Thanks for sharing!
    ~ Raylene

  14. I didn’t get a chance to make these for the kids for Valentine’s day, so I decided to just make some for them the other day and they love it. My son now carries around his book with his new bookmark in. He even took it to show and tell yesterday!

  15. Cheryl (@loucheryl) says:

    Love the bookmarks! What a really sweet idea and they are really cute.

  16. Chandra Christine O'Connor says:

    that is a really good idea!

  17. cool idea, and very simple to do. Will be giving it a try!

  18. MrDisco says:

    that’s really cool!

  19. I really like these, I don’t have much imagination or artistic ability so I need someone else to have the good ideas so I can copy them!

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