Tips On How To Save For Disney – Week 2

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Saving For Disney

So by now you have probably figured out your safe number.  The minimum amount of money you need to have saved to make your Disney Dream come true.  What is that number (you can tell me in a comment below)  If you still don’t have that magic number yet, head on over to and price your dream vacation. Check out week 1 to see how I came up with my number.

I have to tell you that just as I started writing this, a commercial for Walt Disney World’s new Fantasyland came on.  I’m so excited to check that place out!   I love coming back to this, and writing each week!  It keeps me motivated, and excited!  I love that I think about Disney every single day.

Week 1 update: 

Last week I broke down my daily/weekly/monthly amounts that would get me to my end goal.  My weekly amount was $119.  I have to tell you, I didn’t quite reach my goal this week – and I’m totally ok with that.  I had to buy heating oil unexpectedly which took $200 out of my budget.  Even with that unexpected expense I was able to save $67.16 which is a little more than half of my weekly goal.  Yay!

USD $33.01 – every time I received an American coin in my change I put it in a separate jar.  I also bought an American $20 bill when one came in where I work.  (Canadian coins are not accepted in the US like we accept US coins)

CAD 27.06 – this was just putting my change in a jar.  That’s it, that’s all.

Bank $7.o9 – I set up my bank account to automatically transfer 50 cents into my High Interest savings account with every transaction.  ( I also set it up so that $50 every two weeks will transfer into my savings account as well, this will start this coming Friday)

Tips on How To Save For Disney

This weeks tips are a fun.  More of a challenge of sorts.

1.Open a separate account for your Disney Savings.  I highly suggest the High Interest Savings Accounts. Set up your everyday account to automatically transfer an amount that you can easily afford with each transaction.  In your online banking you can sometimes nickname your accounts…mine is nicknamed Disney.

2. Get your kids involved.  Now, you may want your Disney Vacation to be a surprise, and that is fantastic.  You can still get your kids involved without telling them what you are saving for.  Give them each a jar labelled savings.  When ever they receive money for birthdays, holidays, or allowance, have them put a portion into their savings jar.  It is a great way to teach them how to save money while their young.  And when the end result is having their own money to spend at Disney, it will help them realize that saving is a good thing.

3. When ever you find a shiny American penny, put it somewhere safe.  WHY?  Because when you’re in the parks there are a ton of those machines that roll your pennies into fun keepsakes, with your favourite Disney Characters imprinted on them.  They cost a quarter and a penny.  So you may want to match up your shiny pennies with an American Quarter.

4.  Save your American change.  As I mentioned above, in the US, our Canadian coins don’t flow as freely as American coins do here.  If  you don’t want to transport a whole lot of American coins on your trip, roll it up and take it to the bank.  Trade it in for Canadian currency, then buy American bills with it!

I’m excited to find out just how you are doing in your Saving For Disney efforts.  Let me know in a comment below, and if you’re blogging it, leave me a link!

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  1. i like the idea of opening a high interest savings account

  2. We are also saving for Disney! Hoping for January next year, but depending how savings goes it may be the 2015…..

  3. Great tips
    I need them as I have 4 little ones and would live to save $$ on our Disney vacation!!

  4. Lindsay Cyr says:

    Great tips! I am hoping to take my 2 kids to Disney as well, we are hoping to have enough saved to take them in the Spring of 2014.

  5. Laura Jacobson says:

    Oh great ideas! We have wanted to try to save to go too! I am going to take some of these tips and use them for us too!

  6. I want to take my kids too, but we’ll have to wait 3 years or so for the youngest to be able to appreciate the trip. I’ll figure out our budget then.

  7. I have been doing the same account thing where $5 per debit transaction gets transferred to my savings.

  8. Belinda McNabb says:

    these are some great ideas! We want to go on a trip and I will use a few of these tips to help save up

  9. Anne Taylor says:

    Really practical tips! I especially like the rolling of U.S. change idea!

  10. I was amazed how much interest I earn every month in my HI TFSA. Even without regular deposits it sure adds up! Great way to save without sacrifices.

  11. great saving ideas, I also think it quirky that we accept american change but ours is

  12. Cheyenne P says:

    Creating a separate bank account just for saving for this is a great idea! I can’t tell you how many times my husband and I have stumbled in our attempts to save money by over spending and cutting into what we had planned to save for this or that.

  13. Like this tip Save your American change, I think I can find a lot around the house.

  14. Victoria Ess says:

    I love the idea of getting kids involved! In addition to them getting the feeling that they are contributing, I imagine your children are getting quite excited!

  15. Great tips for saving for disney! It’s always a great idea to get the kids involved in saving for a trip. Not only does it get them excited for the trip, but they also realize that the trip isn’t cheap or free.

  16. A budget is very important, that’s great for the kids to even hear about saving terminology.

  17. Cheryl (@loucheryl) says:

    Great tips! I think it’s a great idea to get the kids involved in the saving!

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