Saving For Disney – Week 5

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So, first off, I have to ask you all, how is your savings going?  The first month is complete – we’re at the last day of January and those change jars are likely starting to fill up!

I’ve broken the $100 mark, and I am happy with that.  Far from my monthly goal, but it’s been a cold month and my oil tank seems hungry.  It’s also been a slow month at work, so tips were down to almost half of my usual amount.  January is a hard month to begin a savings plan.  But at least the is something, right?

Next week I will count everything up and give you an actual total as to what I have saved.

One thing I noticed when I started this whole thing was that I really wanted to track where all of our money goes. I know the bills…but all those variable expenses that we just swipe our cards, or dole out the cash for…I wanted to know exactly where it went.  And though I have a whole other post in the works for this, I wanted to share with you where we spend our money.

We eat it.

$743.92 of our hard earned income, 20%, went to groceries.  And there isn’t a single take out order included in that.

So for February, my goal is to cut that number in half, $371 for groceries.  And put the difference into our savings account.

BUT… and that is a big BUT.Jar of money

I do not want to feel like we’re going without.  So, I guess that means we have to change how we look at food, how we cook, what we cook… it’s all going to be overhauled in February.

So check here on February first for my plan to cut down in our grocery spending and put more into our savings account.  Remember, we’re also trying to buy a house this year…so my word(s) for 2013 is Saving Money.

But in the mean time, don’t forget to go enter our Disney Contest!

FYI:  I used the Budget app for iphone to keep track of all of our spending…You can easily make your own categories, and edit it to suite your needs.  It does cost $0.99, but I think it is worth it.  It does not link to your bank accounts so you do have to add every expense and income manually.  But it only takes a second, and has become habit for me.


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  1. Great tips! Thank you for sharing!

    I have never thought of using an app to budget, but why not? I think I will be checking that out.

  2. we are doing great with our savings. So far I have hit my monthly target. We started saving a few months ago, and are just shy of $1000.00 right now.

  3. Yeah, a huge chunk of our budget goes to groceries as well, but I’m reluctant to cut that if I can save elsewhere. High quality food (organic meats and produce) costs more, but I think it’s worth it. I’m always shocked when I see my grocery bill! :P

  4. Karla Sceviour says:

    I can never seem to save any money,because there just isnt enough left over to do anything with..ever!! :( But I do save quite a bit on groceries by using coupons!! I NEVER go to a grocery store without a bunch of coupons..I dont know how I would even survive now if I wasnt using coupons for everything!! They really can save you a lot of money! :)

  5. Brianne Hager says:

    I am looking forward to seeing what you do to save on your grocery bill. We spend most of our money on groceries even with coupons and watching the flyers.

  6. There are also some great budget templates on the Microsoft website if you have Excel.

  7. holly messana says:

    Most of our money goes to groceries, whatever tips you have to cut that down will be awesome.

  8. Angela Mitchell says:

    We are saving up for a trip to Disneyland in 2014. We have found that using our local grocery stores apps when we go shopping helps us find a few extra deals that aren’t advertised elsewhere.

  9. You are doing great, we try to cut our expenses too, but as my colleague-accountant said: We work for taxes.

  10. Lee Pearson says:

    This post inspires me to get organized. We are on a budget…kinda. I do not know where our pocket money goes. After our bills we have some left over but I don’t know where that goes. That is amazing to me and something that I’ve never really thought of. We do swipe our cards a little too much and really have nothing to show for it. I am going to take the month of February to find out where this money goes. I want to check out our spending habits and also see where we can eliminate purchases. I do know that we need to cut down on buying coffee! Good luck with your savings plans. Sounds like you are right on track and are doing well!

  11. Cheyenne P says:

    Yet another awesome tip regarding the app! I keep telling hubby we should do something similar :) with that app he’ll have less of an excuse :)

  12. You are doing great! We just hit the $1700 mark, getting closer!

  13. To save on groceries I always use a list based on store flyers – easy to price match that way. I also combine sales with coupons for extra savings, send for rebates (like try me free products) and have storage area in my basement where I have non perishable items I stock up when on sale.

  14. Victoria Ess says:

    Good luck at cutting! Groceries eats up a lot of our disposable income too…

  15. I want to try a budget app, fun and it saves money perfect

  16. Cheryl (@loucheryl) says:

    I really want to look into getting that budget app. Sounds awesome!

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