Saving For Disney – Week 3/4 Giveaway!

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*The contest in this post is open to Canadian residents only.  My apologies to those who are not able to participate.*

So it’s week 4 already.  Sorry I missed last week.  But life has been a bit crazy over here… We’ve been putting our pennies in our Disney jar and having a blast doing it.  Have you received your Vacation Planning DVD yet?  The thing that I have noticed most since our savings journey began is that every time I see a Disney commercial, a product in store, a move….every single time I get a warm feeling inside just knowing that we will go back to that wonderful place someday soon.  Quite honestly I have to restrain myself from buying up every little this and that… That money is better off in the Disney Jar.

Today, as it is minus 25 outside with the wind chill, I am wishing that I could snap my fingers and be walking through those Disney gates right now, but instead my little one and I are enjoying a day filled with Disney movies.  We started with Toy Story, and Beauty and the Beast.  Funny, at 3 years old I thought he would be all over Toy Story, but the music in Beauty and the Beast seems to be captivating him…much like it does me.

So this week, in leu me sharing my best savings tips, I want you to share yours!  And if you do…you’re name will be placed into a draw for this fantastic Disney Prize Pack!

Disney World Prize Pack

Included is 2 pairs of Disney Ears, 2 Autograph Books, 2 Mickey Pens (perfect for getting those autographs!) 2 Antenna covers, and two Disney plush dolls!  Estimated retail value:  $80

To enter, just follow the directions in the form below!



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  1. Don’t go shopping hungry which helps you stick to a grocery budget. All the $ you would have spent on snack and stuff can go to your trip!

  2. Set a budget and stick to it. Also put extra money aside even if its just change… it all adds up

  3. Tweeted would not let me paste url in rafflecopter :(

  4. For my son’s make a wish trip to disney we only took a set amount of money each day. Worked out great and we did not blow all our extra cash on silly items.

  5. knowing how much you NEED to save. It is much easier if I have a monetary goal in mind than just saving money in general….I started saving a dollar per week (week 1 =$1, week 2=$2; and this is in ADDITION to what we had already started doing (saving our change, cutting back on ordering in etc)

  6. My tip is to eat at home and cook from scratch. Buying boxes food and take-out might seem faster, but it really isn’t. You can make tasty, cheap and high quality meals right at home in well under 30 minutes. Plus they are healthier for you so you might lose a few pounds while padding your bank account!

  7. Florence C says:

    Put away some money each pay period. Have an account set aside for the vacation fund.

  8. Would love this!

  9. Not really a money saver but our girls make it known to extended family what special things they are hoping to do at WDW. Many family members opt for cash instead of gifts at birthdays and Christmas, indicating that the money is to be used towards a trip to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, character meal, etc.

  10. My saving money tip is to do direct deposit to your various savings accounts (ie. RESP, RRSP, savings) right from your pay cheque. You’ll be amazed how you then adjust your life to the new amount that you actually have to spend.

  11. jennifer capin says:

    Make a plan and stick to it

  12. Amanda Neilson says:

    Save all your change!

  13. get rid of extras by having a garage sale and using that money for
    vacation; save loose change from pockets/change purse

  14. My son would love this!

  15. Anne Taylor says:

    make you own lunches and don’t buy coffee out!

  16. Christine O'Connor says:

    Save your loonies and toonies in a jar at the beginning of the year so u have exrptra spending money that u fpdidnt expect.

  17. Have a plan and stick close to it!

  18. Have a separate account made for your vacation fund. Every week or every 2nd week put some money into that account. When you go grocery shopping,make sure you stick to your list.

  19. Lisa Leeman says:

    I save all my spare change in a Minnie Mouse bank (I hate carrying around change!), and when you don’t touch it for a while, it adds up for a great souvenir, or disney dinner!

  20. Leah Ryan says:

    Make a set amount like $20 every two weeks for a year or two and you will have your vacation money!

  21. Melanie P. says:

    I have a bank account that I automatically put money into with each pay. If I don’t see it, I don’t spend it. Also, my only vacations since my baby was born have been back home to visit my mom and she usually pays for the trip. Can’t say that doesn’t help.

  22. When saving for vacation you should determine how much you need and divide that by the number of paychecks you get until then and set up online “bill payment” “saving” for the amount you need every week.

  23. Dorothy Pacheco says:

    Set a budget and stick to it…anything extra keep in a tin can and use it for something extra you may want.

  24. Cheyenne P says:

    Look for deals for hotels/flights/entertainment. Traveling during off peak seasons. That’s the number one tip we try and use.

  25. Don’t even look at the flyers… they suck you in for something everytime :)

  26. Buy only what you need and use coupons. I also try to do everything I can “on the cheap”. I love DIY! :-)

  27. When you’re budgeting don’t forget to save for all the little extras like souvenirs, snacks, pins, professional photos (if you want one – Photopass), tolls if you rent a car to go anywhere, airport fees & snacks and tips. It’s amazing how fast all these little things add up and take you over your budget on vacation!
    Can’t wait to hear all about your trip when you go!

  28. Use a tacx free savings account or get money taken off your pay cheque before you spend it and put it away!

  29. I would suggest setting up a TFSA, and automatically depositing a set amount into it with each pay. Keeping your vacation money separate and specifically “for vacation only!” helps to keep the saving on track and avoid the occasional “dipping in” which can soon lead to a dwindled vacation fund.
    Also, finding something in your regular routine to give up in place of saving for vacation. I happen to be very fond of chips – rather than buying a bag when the craving hits, I’ll plunk that money away into a savings jar!

  30. Lee-Ann Sleegers says:

    Set a budget & then transfer a set amount into a special account for the trip each week or with each pay in addition to pay self first amount.

  31. Marie Veal says:

    Every coupon used, put the same amount of money saved into the bank every week!

  32. My tip is to use coupons. Usually at the end of the receipt they’ll give you a total of how much you saved and i move that amount of money into my ‘vacation’ saving account.

  33. Angela Mitchell says:

    I have a separate bank account just for saving money for vacations. And my daughter has a piggy bank that she puts all her birthday and Christmas money in to save up for spending money for vacations.

  34. take a cooler & your own snacks & small meals will save a fortue

  35. save your change, it adds up very quickly

  36. Jennifer L. says:

    We kept a big jar on the kitchen counter with photos of Disney World on it. Anyone who felt inspired to add to it did so and it quickly filled up. We’d cash it in, stick that money in an envelope and start over with the jar.

  37. Make a budget and save change in a jar.

  38. make a budget and stick to it
    use lots of coupons

  39. Every day we throw all our change in a cool whip container (minus the cool whip). Doesn’t take long to get to $100!

  40. money saved using a coupon or other means like not buying clothes this month or stuff i would spurge on would go in a big jar

  41. We keep a few loose change containers through our house which we deposit into regularly. It’s amazing how fast the little savings can add up and it keeps us from spending the extra money frivolously.

  42. My best money saving tip is to not buy coffee at Starbucks or eating fast food and instead save that money by eating at home! You will save money and be healthier too!

  43. “Pay” yourself first. I have a certain amount automatically transferred into my savings from every pay cheque.

  44. Cheryl Almas says:

    Make sure to save so much and just do it by putting it in a separate acct or transferring automatically to a a savings acct when you get pay is also great because then you won’t even miss it.

  45. My tip is every time you find yourself spending money on something unnecessary food like a snack (chocolate bar, chips), put that same amount aside for a vacation. Now that will either help you save lots, or help you save on your waste! :-)

  46. Transfer a certain amount into your savings account every week. Some weeks you may be able to add more. Toonie jar works well.

  47. Once it’s put away, keep it there. Pick an amount that is fair and don’t stray from that whether you chose weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. We’ve done that and it works!!

  48. Brianne Hager says:

    When we want to save money it is always tempting to spend what we’ve saved, so we started giving my parents the money to keep for us which worked out well – they wouldn’t give it back unless it was an emergency!

  49. Back years ago I set up our checking account to transfer out an additional $5 per purchase to our savings account. This adds up quickly for us. Normally between $40-80 a week. I don’t even notice the money.

  50. Transfer money into your savings every payday before you start paying and buying things.

  51. carrie-anne says:

    As a child I always wanted to visit the most magical place on earth but my parents could never afford such things, now that I am all grown up it is still my dream to take my own children there.

  52. Kristina Wilson says:

    spend the extra time finding coupons

  53. Use an envelope system and cash for shopping, set up an auto deposit that puts $ into a holiday acct every pay. End of August GREAT Disney prices and mealplan is included (or has been for many years)

  54. Look at where your money is going. Most of us don’t realize that the little things add up. Make coffee at home rather than buying it.

  55. Kristi Renout says:

    Make lists before you go shopping, and stick to it!

  56. Rhonda W G. says:

    Dump your change into a container daily…It can add up!

  57. holly messana says:

    i always look for a kids eat free place to take the family to, and printing out coupons for restaurant

  58. Tammy Dalley says:

    I like to use coupons to save money and every day we have a can that we put so much money in for vacations

  59. It’s like you said, the money is best in the jar. Commit to it and keep your goal in mind.

  60. Melanie Brown says:

    Always try to put a little bit away if I have extra change floating around

  61. I put all my loose change in a jar that I have to break open so I won’t be tempted to borrow from it.

  62. I save on making my own coffee at work and planning meals and grocery shopping around sale items.

  63. Don’t spend money on lunches!!

  64. I have a secret hiding place, every pay day I take out $100 (sometimes a little more if i put in over time) and put it in my secret hiding place and forget about it… by the end of the year I have about $5,200, enough for a nice little vacation for the family :)

  65. Skip the coffee from the local coffee joint every day and have that money automatically go into a high interest savings account each day. If you’re bank has the option of rounding up any debit purchases to the nearest dollar, buy in and that extra 10, 40 or 55 cents will go into a savings account – you won’t even miss the few pennies.

  66. We have a jar that we put loose change in each day – that is our trip savings.

  67. Victoria K says:

    Put away 5% every pay

  68. we once put away enough money for half of our trip to the dominican simply by saving the change from all of our transactions

  69. save ahead of time

  70. Cassie Fancy says:

    The money that i save couponing i take 50 percent of it and put it away in a jar for our vacation

  71. Mandy Wright says:

    Put all your spare change in a vacation fund

  72. We have 5 kids, so a family of 7..
    Best tip that we have is, NOT eating in the park!!!

  73. KittyPride says:

    Always plan ahead and do your research so you know where you want to visit and can prepurchase amusement park passes, etc.

  74. Vanessa Reid says:

    When I am trying to save money for a vacation or another big expense, whenever I can I take out an extra $20 when I go to the bank machine. I put the money away somewhere where I can’t see it. I did this before my first son was born. Every payday I would put away a little bit. I bought all the furniture/baby things I needed with the money I had saved.

  75. sarah claybert says:

    we always pack a cooler of sandwiches and snacks for longer car rides

  76. I need to save quite a bit, because I want to do the meal plan and stay on the resort

  77. tammy jeffery says:

    small change in a container, eat before going shopping helps me save

  78. make a list before you go shopping, check to see if you have coupons for anything on your list.

  79. Great saving ideas! We have our fingers crossed for a Disney trip this year as well! Would love to take the kids!I have such greatchildhood memories from there and it would be great if they had some too!

  80. Christy Martin says:

    Getting a room or suite with a kitchenette helps!

  81. Natasha M. says:

    Definitely use coupons, and save all you change in a jar. It does add up :)

  82. Honestly, I have no clue. We’ve never been on vacation :(

  83. Shelley Russell says:

    I quite smoking and I put that money away for our Disney trip.

  84. Theresa Michalik says:

    Use coupons and put in piggy bank that has to be broken open to get the money out.

  85. We put $25 off of each paycheck into another account :)

  86. If you and your spouse put away one hours wage per week, you can save at least $1000 a year. Look for deals and use coupons and avoid things you know you don’t really need to save more money. Limit what you spend on entertainment. And last, but not least, hope to win the lottery lol

  87. open a saving account and have it automatic taken from your account each pay.

  88. Whenever I sell something (be it some knitting I finished, recycleables taken in, an old couch, etc) we put that money in a special bank account that we use just for trips!

  89. Tara Gauthier says:

    BRing some snack foods with you or stock up at grocery stores while you are there to avoid impulse food buys!

  90. Ruth Anne Bakker says:

    We use coupons when we can and put spare change into a vacation account.

  91. Tuck a little away from each pay…not that I do it, but yeah…

  92. I took on a once a week job of cleaning for a senior and never touch that money – surprising how it adds up after time.

  93. lori butler says:

    plan meals, using left overs as much as possible, I will also have a smorg if there is an array of left overs, pack a lunch and use coupons whenever possible..

  94. Plan as early as possible

  95. Doing some research online and finding coupons for hotels, meals, attractions prior to going.

  96. Jennifer Abbott says:

    I use coupons and price match and have a tin that I put all my loose change in.

  97. susan margaret says:

    I put all my change in a jar and it adds up quickly!

  98. One of those tin can piggy banks that you have to use a can opener to open.

  99. we payed for our trip to Disney last year in change we had collected and rolled.. It sure adds up fast

  100. Kierra McCaffrey says:

    Everyday week, put $50 into savings. It will start to add up fast.

  101. spend less time in coffee shops and put the savings in a special bank

  102. Theresa Michalik says:

    I love my son

  103. always take a percentage off on your pay day!

  104. valerie godin says:

    Look online for coupons and cheap spots before leaving for vacations.

  105. Patricia Lehoux says:

    For my twins!!

  106. Good luck with your savings!


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