Back to School with Blackberry Playbook 2.0

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Our children are growing up in a world so different from our own.  A world where chalk boards are no longer used, smart boards are the new chalk boards…lessons come from websites, directed by teachers, and a computer is the new #2 pencil.  The world has changed, dramatically.  I remember when my high school got all new computers, and the seinors weren’t allowed to use them… We were told that it was too late for us to learn the new technology.

Oh, how wrong they were.  They had no idea then, what life would be like now.  Nearly everyone has access to three or four screens in their every day lives…from their smart phone to their interactive tv, a tablet then their laptop…some have even more.  Screens are the way of life now.

My own children are no exception.  From the time they could sit up they’ve been using screens.  My eldest son, going into grade 2 can use our tablets better than I can.  The knowledge of how to use them just seems to come naturally to them.  So when the Blackberry Playbook 2.0 showed up at my door, I handed it to him.  He had it booted up and was using it like he’d had it for years.

Here are some of the Key Features of the Blackberry Playbook 2.0 that I have found very helpful.

  1. Built in email, calendar and contacts
  2. Supports HTML5, Adobe and Flash
  3. Improved App Capability through android app capability ( I was surprised by the amount of apps available!)
  4. Documents to go – Print to go (very helpful when I’m trying to work away from my laptop)
  5. New Blackberry Bridge Technology – This kinda rocks.
  6. BBM – When tethered to your smart phone, you can use BBM
The new Blackberry Bridge Technology allows you to have wireless remote control of your tablet, and you can switch screens from your smartphone to your playbook.  
But not only switch screen, but you can use your phones display as a track pad.  Moving the curser around the screen.  You’re phones keyboard??  When you bridge your phone with the Playbook 2.0 you can type on from your phone, and the text appears on the big screen.  Super effective.
Ok, so here is where I tell you what I really like about the Playbook 2.0
First of all, it’s small.  Small enough that it can easily fit in my purse, so I can always have it with me.  It doesn’t need anything external to go with it…just the Playbook itself.  I don’t need to carry my ‘Big Purse‘ when I’m taking the playbook along with me.  Other tablets that I’ve had or used were all quite a bit larger, making portablitly an issue.
The Playbook 2.0 multi tasks better than anything I’ve tried so far.  If I’m working on a blog post, and using the Blackberry tablet, I can have my email open, my information sheets, my website, and an app or two…and to switch in between them, all I have to do is swipe the screen from one side to the next. No opening and closing, no going back to the home screen.  A simple swipe is all it takes.
The keyboard is the best I’ve used yet.  I’ve found many touch keyboards drive me up the wall.  Truly.  I can’t stand it when I click one letter and other pops up…accuracy matters.  And so far the Blackberry Playbook 2.0 Keyboard technology far exceeds the rest.
Apps For The Whole Family
Here is a list of apps that I tried out on the Blackberry Playbook 2.0.
  • Kids Doodle: Let your child freely doodle on the BlackBerry PlayBook – it’s addictive and highly entertaining!
  • Kids ABC Letters: This easy application will help your kids learn the alphabet including letter names, shapes and recognition!
  • Story Time: Story Time for Kids is an interactive kid’s story book app with high quality graphics and audio recorded by children in a professional studio!
  • Farm and Fun Kids Games: A funny farm where children will enjoy many classic games that keep being everyone’s favorites.

10 years and older

  •  No matter where students are heading this fall, roaming charges can cause phone calls and text messages to get expensive. Skip the fees by using BlackBerry Messenger on the PlayBook; it’s the perfect way for the family to stay close without anyone’s wallet having to suffer.


  • Kobo App: Stay on top of English homework by reading en-route to fun extra-curricular activities – the PlayBook is small and lightweight, making it perfect for reading at home or on the go.


PlayBook can make mom and dad’s life easier too!


  • Cozi Family  Organizer: Cozi helps busy families stay on top of everything they do: track appointments and activities, remember shopping lists and chores, and keep everyone in sync.


  • Parenting and Baby Handbook: The Parent and Baby Handbook provides answers and advice from the world’s most renowned books on parenting. Search any parenting, baby and toddler issue, and get credible answers straight from the top selling books which have been paraphrased into this app!

Aside from these apps, my eldest loves the games.  He’s a big MineCraft player, and there is a World Craft app that he can’t seem to get enough of!  It’s like Minecraft lite, and when we’re out and he’s bored, that is the app he always turns to.


I have a Blackberry Playbook 2.0 32G to give to one of you!  You can take it to school, to work… or use it solely for entertainment.  What ever the use, I’m sure you love it as much as I do.  To enter to win your own Blackberry Playbook, just follow the steps in the form below!

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  1. My oldest daughter would love to have a tablet to draw on and use for school.

    • I want to win this because it would really help my son with special needs for his homeschooling!

  2. my son would LOVE to have one — he could get great use out of it for school!

  3. Andrea B. says:

    I would love to win this so that my kids have some cool games to play.

  4. Melanie Brown says:

    I would love this because my daughter always steals my ipod.. this would be great for some games!

  5. emma walpole says:

    I would love to win one because I don’t have one and would love to video bbm my dad who lives 7 hours away. That way he could see his grandson more often

  6. my 14 year old is starting high school this year and would LOVE this, it is the only thing on her Christmas list this year!

  7. Crystal B says:

    I would LOVE to win this! My daughter is all about the screens – at 16 months old she can get to the camera on my Torch and scroll through the pictures (scary!). We have always wanted a tablet! Thank you for the chance Jen!

  8. It would make a great present for my husband for our anniversary

  9. Brenda Penton says:

    I’d love to win this as a gift to my oldest son for Christmas. He has been wanting a tablet.

  10. lisa bolduc says:

    my mom has one and i am sooo jealous, i would like one of my own!

  11. We would love one since we use blackberries :) it would be a great surprise for hubby who works alot out of the office :)

  12. I think I deserve to win the Blackberry Playbook 2.0 as a floating medical professional this device which has access to WIFI connections in emergency/medical situations this is important due to the extreme cases surrounding wireless phone signals around weak and ill people which can be deadly for some people. Most people are not aware of those that have pace makers and other health problems that can be triggered by cell phone signals in your pocket or purse. It’s essential to have access to reliable and safe communication while delivering care to these people. Internet access for research record keeping and email will help to report sudden changes quickly and safely. I can use many different applications that will help me to plan and organize assignments for my clients, , Power Point, Microsoft Word, Excel, and when traveling from city to city access to many maps available only on line. Thank you.

  13. We don’t have a tablet and it would be great for the whole family

  14. So I have a tablet of my own of course! It would also be nice to have one that is more portable and easy to take with me wherever.

  15. I don’t have a tablet and I would love to have one! It is portable and easy to use. I use my iPhone for alot but a tablet would provide more on the go accessibility

  16. tracy jodrie says:

    it would be great to have one since i am always on the go with the kids.

  17. I would love to win this for the entire family because it would be amazing to have as entertainment when we travel.

  18. tracy jodrie says:

    it would be great to have one since i am always on the go with the kids

  19. It would be a great way to treat my kids to some fun learning apps after a job well done!

  20. I’d be really excited to try the story time app! Sounds like a fun way to tell stories and learn as a family.

  21. I’d love to win because this would be a fabulous mobile device to have! I’d like to use it to share pictures and movies when we are visiting relatives. The apps for kids would be great for my son to start learning how to use technology.
    rafflecopter name: Lisa K

  22. My son has one and loves it. I know I would love it too! So please let me win!!!

  23. I don’t have anything like this so I’d love to win just to upgrade my tech tools.

  24. this looks great… I love the apps, especially the KOBO app!

  25. I would love this so that we don’t have to carry around my heavy laptop all the time!

  26. I would love to have this to entertain the family when we travel!

  27. I would give it to my husband as a gift – it would be fantastic to have!

  28. I would love to win as these are simply amazing for busy life on the go!

  29. Anne Taylor says:

    My youngest (21) daughter would really love this for the coming school year!

  30. Doris Calvert says:

    In the last year I have not been to mobile and have a ton of appointments this would be great to do that and be able to use it sitting down and at my appointments!

  31. blessedta says:

    We need a tablet, this would be great.

  32. Karla Sceviour says:

    I would love to win this so I can have it all to myself :) I dont own a tablet,so this would be great for me,thanks.
    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  33. I would love to win this and give it to my daughter as a gift

  34. I would love this to give to my husband and keep my son entetained on our 13 hour car ride coming up

  35. I would love a blackberry tablet because it’s portable. Then I’m not stuck at the computer desk if I want to check emails or anything.

  36. It’s practical and PORTABLE!

  37. I would so love the Playbook! I have wanted one since it first came out!

  38. I want to win it because it is something our whole family can use!

  39. I would love to win because its something I wanted for a while, great fro the whole family to use!

  40. Laura Miller says:

    I have 3 kids that could learn so much and THINK they are only playing!

  41. mary jenkins says:

    I would love to win because its portable and its something our family could use :)

  42. Isabelle Simard says:

    I’ld love to win it for my two littles girls. My oldest is 5 yo and her hands are still too small to play correctly on a computer. It can be an alternative to learn

  43. stephanie fletcher says:

    I would love to have this because I can’t afford to buy one for myself.

  44. I would love love love to win because I have been trying to save up to buy a tablet but haven’t been able to and would be great for my niece to use from time to time to help with school and learning.

  45. I would love to win this for my great grandkids

  46. great giveaway

  47. this would be great to keep track of all the kids dr and hospital visits and check ups and to keep them busy while we are there waiting..

  48. carol roberts says:

    my daughter and me can use it

  49. My daughter would flip for one of these- she is able to use at school if we had one!!

  50. N.Cassandra Smith says:

    I would love to win one so I can use it to share stuff with family who live 4 hours away.

  51. I would love this for my kids. They are always using my tablet and I would really love for them to have their own!

  52. Kasee Johnson says:

    I need to be more organized. I have my calendar on my desktop, but that doesn’t help when I’m not at home! I can sync it to my iPad, but my iPad is getting really heavy – and my kids play on it so much that I never get a turn!

  53. it would help my daughter since she is going to college

  54. I would love this phone. It would help to keep me organized with school work.

  55. heather holmberg says:

    I love my BB phone, and I have heard nothing but great things about this tablet , I have never tried a tablet before, and think me and my daughter would enjoy this !

  56. Carmen Barton says:

    I have ADD – this would be great to keep me organized.

  57. This is great

  58. we dont have any fancy technology and i would love to try it!

  59. Deanna Carney says:

    I think Blackberry is a great product and having the playbook would be awesome addition. I’ve heard their are great apps for kids to play.

  60. Sharla Byers says:

    I have never tried a table before either !! Would love the opportunity…plus the added fact of how small and compact they are. Can’t go wrong as far as I can see. Also a milestone birthday for the hubby would be a great gift don’t you think !??! He has been looking at them in the stores but not yet purchased.

  61. I’d love to win this Blackberry Playbook 2.0 as I don’t have anything remotely close to the capabilities of the Playbook!

  62. Julene Jefferson says:

    I would love to win one for my family, my oldest is starting 11th grade and feel that this would be a big help to her.

  63. T Alexander says:

    I’ve had my eye on the Blackberry Playbook for a long time – it would be fantastic to win one!

  64. id love this playbook, ive seen them around and they look awesome. if i won this it would be very helpul towards my home business im trying to get going, so i dont having to sit at my computer for hours at a time.

  65. I would actually like to win this for hubby so that we all have access to the internet and fun!

  66. Awesome!
    Carrie Funk

  67. Jacki Ball (Duncan) says:

    I would love to win a BlackBerry Playbook because I love my BlackBerry phone and would love to have a tablet but can’t afford one.

  68. nicole fleming says:

    So i have something better than my husband for once

  69. stephen k says:

    I would love to give it to my wife, she would find it very useful

  70. BillyJack says:

    I love the Playbook!
    I’d love to have one.
    Good Luck ALL!

  71. I would love a Blackberry Playbook to support my working and complement the efficiency of my Blackberry.

  72. Cheryl Rahkonen says:

    I would like to win this because it is SO COOL. I don’t have a laptop, tablet or anything remotely similar. I am away from home a lot and this would be great while working on my genealogy.

  73. This would be perfect for my son

  74. Could really use this.

  75. i would love to win I….

  76. my husband has a Blackberry and would love a playbook not just for work and boring stuff, but he plays with the kids on his BB too. I’d love to win it for him.

  77. I would love to win the Blackberry Playbook 2.0 because I own a Black berry cellular phone which I love. I would love to own the Black berry Playbook 2.0. I don’t own a tablet and would be thrilled to own one and learn how to use one.

  78. We’re “old skool” in this house with only 1 lap top & my 3 daughters are always fighting over who gets to use it next! With this tablet, hopefully I would get more time online (to read your blog!) hehehe Thanks for the contest! :)

  79. it would be useful to have around the house!

  80. For my kids….they use their iPods all the time and would love this!

  81. Being a wife, mother, caretaker, Sunday School Teacher, Missionary President, it would help me keep things in order .. It would relieve me of carrying a heavy purse plus bag.

  82. gary dunford says:

    I would love to win as I am not very tech savy,,,,winnign one would let me text my GF while she was at work

  83. Both my sons would get so much use out of this! Such a great prize & I love the educational values you can get out of them :)

  84. my daughter is starting K this year.. i would love for her to use one of these for the edu. game that they have to offer. she loves my iphone but it is a bit too small..

  85. It would make a good gift

  86. Catherine Brown says:

    This is on my wish list

  87. claudia mendez says:

    Cause my sister has an ipad and i am jealous!

  88. I would love to win the playbook so it can help me with school next year and my business!

  89. Maegan Morin says:

    I would like to win it because it would be nice to have a tablet that my kids could play with.

  90. I would love to use it to read books online and read my recipes from this instead of a book

  91. nikki robak says:

    my mom would love this

  92. Constance V. says:

    I would love to win this because after years of service my laptop has fizzled out. I also expect to go back to school in a few weeks, and having this tablet would help me with school assignments. I have never had a tablet of my own, so I would be thrilled to win this. Thank-you for giving me this chance!

  93. Gail Eldridge says:

    As an oldster, I’m curious about the new technologies. But, never feel I can afford the ‘luxury’ of buying one.

  94. I need a new toy

  95. I would love to win it because I’ve never owned a cell phone!

  96. shelly Kristianson says:

    Would be great for my hubby to take with him when he travels for work, he could stay in tuch with us with ease :)

  97. ashley charnock says:

    would love to give a try…and possible have something to keep the little on busy when out and about…thanks for a chance

  98. I would love to win this especially for my boys to use because they are always on my laptop!!!
    dalleykt at live dot ca

  99. Sean Cuthill says:

    I’ve never owned a tablet or a smartphone (I just have a simple flip phone). Winning this would bring me into the 21st century.

  100. I would love to win it because I think it would be a great resource and toy the whole family could benefit from.

  101. A playbook? Sure! That would mean one more device in the house so we all wouldn’t have to fight over what we currently have! I’m all about sharing the love to squash the squabbles!!!!!

  102. That would be awesome!! Great help for school where
    my oldest son needs the extra help and would be very useful
    in school where he suffers from an LD and uses a school laptop
    for every class….this would free up a laptop for another student!!

  103. I love to win a play book as lately our computer has been having issues! How handy would this device be for the kids or just for my entertainment!

  104. I am striving to be a more techie tooth fairy and this sweet gadget would really help with that goal, believe me!

  105. MOnica Clarkson says:

    My kids would love it. They are both very techi already. To think they are only 3, and 5, and yet both love the computer. They turn it on and select their games to play.

  106. jeanette sheets says:

    thiswould be graet for my kids homework

  107. I am re-entering the work force – job/school commitments/volunteer mom/family events/extra-curricular sport events . You can only do so much texting. For the capacity of scheduling, emails and calendar and the sheer convenience of portablility. This Blackberry Playbook 2.0 would be ideal and would be so very much appreciated at this time. For the opportunity and chance thanks for the great giveaway.

  108. Nena Sinclair says:

    This would help keep me organized and I love that it has teaching tools for kids!

  109. This would come in handy tethering to my phone… it would be a lot easier to read the screen without using my glasses.

  110. I would love to win this and amaze my kids that I actually know how to use it!

  111. A Tablet would be great for on the go and so that another family member could use while someone else is on the computer.

    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  112. I dont have anything like this and it would a great thing to win!!

  113. I don’t have a tablet yet so this would be an awesome win! It would come in handy for work.

  114. Laura Jacobson says:

    Oh I would love to win! I still use a desktop and have a pay as you go phone! LOL..oh this would be so wonderful!

  115. wilson king says:

    Great thing to own.

  116. I would love to win this to give my daughter for her birthday….I would be mom of the year!

  117. Stephanie says:

    great gift for my mom

  118. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard says:

    It would be great to win one to bring it with us while traveling for work

  119. super portable – I would love to take this with me when travelling

  120. Debbie Petch says:

    It is an awesome gadget and organizer.

  121. I would love to win so I could give it to a nephew who just stated college.

  122. I would love to win this playbook because this would be great for my daughters to school !

  123. Carley L. says:

    I’d like to win the Blackberry Playbook 2.0 because I like its portability and ability to accomplish multiple tasks in one device.

  124. A playbook would be awesome since my laptop is old and starting to wear down…!

  125. Kerrie Mayans says:

    I would keep it in the car to entertain myself while my kids are at soccer practic.

  126. I’ve never owned a tablet and I think it would be an amazingly easy way to stay in touch online, have an ereader and entertain everyone in rainy days

  127. I would like to win because i have never tried a tablet before

  128. My grandson wants one of these sooo bad, and I would love to be able to give him one

  129. I would like to win because my son has been asking for a tablet. His birthday is next month so this would be perfect.

  130. …because it seems like I’m the only one left on earth that doesn’t have a tablet

  131. Belinda McNabb says:

    I would love to win because I do not own a tablet and would really like one

  132. elaine bolduc says:

    the size, ebooks, easy to video tape the grandchildren doing fun things. easy camera for taking pics of the beautiful grandkids…so many reasons

  133. crystal allen says:

    i would love this for my son, he’s going into 7th grade and i think this would be a useful tool to have at school for him. he would also use it on the school bus back and forth to football games. thanks

  134. Amy Brown says:

    this would be great fun for both me and my preschooler, we’d have to take turns!

  135. i wanna win because i start school in sept and this would be perfect! i only have a desk top computer at my moms (and i dont live with her anymore) so having it would make my life that much easier! :) also i do alot of volunteer work and it would help me out with that also!

  136. I NEED ONE!

  137. I would love to win a playbook because it’s so portable.

  138. diana shepherd says:

    Because this is something id only dream of owning, never in my lifetime would i be able to afford anything like this, I have 2 preschoolers and a teen who take up every part of my money lol. Im sure the children would also be dying to get their hands on it hehe. Anyway great comp thankyou :)

  139. linda Meyers-Gabbard says:

    It would be a great birthday gift for my husband since we are currently broke

  140. This would be a GREAT win!

  141. jennifer capin says:

    this would be an awesome gift for my Son

  142. Jeannette Laframboise says:

    I would like to win the Blackberry Playbook 2.0 because I have never had one before and would love to. As far as technology goes, I have my trusty old laptop, that’s it. No tablets, smart phones or any sort of electronic devices thus far. I think it is about time that I see what it is all about though. Thanks for the chance to win!

  143. Karin Dollery says:

    I’ve always wanted a blackberry play-book for myself

  144. I would like to buy it for my son because it has a lot of apps I know he would love.

  145. I’d love a Blackberry Playbook. WHY? Because I’m pregnant & I think this will come in handy for days I’m feeling pretty lazy lying on the couch with my new born. Easy to access, it’s not big & bulky, etc.

  146. Would love to win a tablet!

  147. being the youngest in my family, I’ve never had anything of my own. I’d love to win the playbook, it’s so sleek, portable, and looks so amazing!

  148. This tablet has lots of apps that are practical and help one to stay organized. I don’t own a tablet although I have used one and the portability would make it well used in our house.

  149. SueSueper says:

    I would love to win because it is so convenient to have a portable device!! Just grab and go!

  150. I would like to win so that I don’t always have to use my desktop computer.

  151. I would love to win this Blackberry Playbook because it would be super useful for our family scheduling and organization. Great tablet size-wise for back to school too. Great contest!

  152. To keep organized and because it is so portable I could take it everywhere!

  153. Cheryl Morreale (@loucheryl) says:

    I want to win this prize so that I can keep my son occupied at restaurants and the doctor’s office

  154. I would love to win/have a BlackberryPlaybook for a zillion reasons but the very first thing I would do is transfer all of my recipe scans and start cooking up a storm in the kitchen!!

  155. bina edwards says:

    my daughter is in travel club and this is one of the things she could use for the trip to Australia/New Zealand. The trip is already paid for (She worked f/t last summer) and this yr the money she is making goes towards the stuff like food etc. The costs are quite high for the whole lot, but it is an opportunity I would not take away from her.

  156. Thanks for the review! This will be great for a senior citizen I know!

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