MAJESTA – Have You Shaken Your Toilet Paper Lately?

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A few years ago, I shared some information with you about Majesta.  Majesta, a common name in any Canadian household, are producers of toilet paper, as well as other household paper products including facial tissues and paper towel.  Most of you likely have a few of their products in your home right now.

Majesta has come back to A Busy Mommy this summer to once again challenge you to do the shake test.  Do you know what happens to your toilet paper after you flush?  How fast does it break down?  Will it clog up your septic system? Or keep it running smoothly.

To find out more about how to do a Shake Test of your own, and to enter to win one of 10 Majesta Products For A Year packages head over  to the Majesta Facebook Page and click on the Take It On The Road tab.  There, you can watch a short  video showing the shake test, and exactly how to do your own.  Once you’ve done that, just scroll down and enter your email to gain entry in the contest for one of the 10 prize packs I mentioned above.

Just a bit more info for you, have you ever heard of Treesponsible?   Well, we all know that the enormous amounts of paper products we consume all have to come from trees.   All of those trees that come down just so we can live a more convenient life must be replaced!  For every single tree that Majesta cuts down to product the paper products that we consume, the plant three in it’s place.

And a special bonus, the first time you enter you’ll receive a $1.00 off coupon for Majesta!

I am also hosting a contest for you, my fabulous readers. (Canada ONLY) After you’ve checked out the video on the Majesta page, come on back here and leave me a comment telling me what you found interesting about the shake test.  Enter in the form below and you could win a $25 Swiss Chalet Gift Card!

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  1. Learned something new….no idea it disolved so well.

  2. Was surprised like everyone else how it dissolves!

  3. It dissolves easily and is RV and septic safe!

  4. Glogirl says:

    I found it interesting to see how quickly Majesta dissolved in the water making it a good choice for the septic system.

  5. Same question here. How does it dissolve? No longer using too much toilet papers (ever since we installed a bidet) at home but I’m surprised at this Majesta TP. Where can I buy some? Just want to see how it dissolves. :P

  6. Pamalot says:

    I couldn’t believe it wasn’t in the bottle….wow!

  7. I found it interesting how quickly it dissolved!

  8. SueSueper says:

    Interesting on how quickly Majesta Dissolved! Awesome!

  9. I was surprised at how quickly it dissolved!

  10. stacey dempsey says:

    I learned for each tree they use they plant 3 trees GREAT, I was aleady entering their giveaway so had seen this , good to know if you have a septic tank

  11. Wow i never knew it dissolved like that

  12. Cheryl (@loucheryl) says:

    The way Majesta quickly dissolved in the water was just amazing. So cool.

  13. Lou (@davids_deardad) says:

    I love that for each tree they use they plant 3 trees! Amesome thing to do.

  14. stacey dempsey says:

    I dont know what but rafflecopter didnt save my entries and i had to do them again

  15. Guess I’m just as surprised about how it dissolves. Would be great for camping!

  16. Belinda McNabb says:

    I found how quickly it dissolves to be very cool

  17. I was very surprised that it dissolved so fast.

  18. laura andrews says:

    Cool how it dissolves & they plant trees to replenish what they use to make their product. I love companies that are ‘Green’!

  19. I have never thought about what happens to the paper after we flush before. I can’t believe that Majesta dissolves so quickly!

  20. C Wilson says:

    amazing how quickly it dissolved

  21. Angela M says:

    I had no idea toilet paper could dissolve that quickly. I have to try it for myself, lol.

  22. emma walpole says:

    wow, great test, can’t believe the difference in the two, makes you think twice for sure

  23. What I found interesting about the Shake Test was how quickly it dissolved. Wow!!!!

  24. Great for cottage since it is more eco-friendly!!

  25. That within seconds of being shaken it had completly dissolved

  26. Lisa Bolduc says:

    i like how its rv safe!

  27. Melanie Brown says:

    How quickly it dissolves!

  28. Celine Dore says:

    I like that it disolves so quickly

  29. jennifer Capin says:

    How well it dissolves!

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